Juan Burciaga

Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics

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Physics And Astronomy

Searles Science Building - 304

Teaching this semester

PHYS 1087. Building a Sustainable World

The big problems of the world are enormously complex and pose daunting challenges for current and future generations. Climate change, pollution, energy, and nuclear power are only a few of the increasingly critical issues. A leader--whether a president or a teacher, in Congress or in the media, in business or as a voter--needs to understand not only the science and technology that underlie the problems and possible solutions, but also how science defines and pursues a problem, engages in debate, and communicates with the public. In addition to lectures, classes structured as discussions and small working groups.

PHYS 1130. Introductory Physics I

An introduction to the conservation laws, forces, and interactions that govern the dynamics of particles and systems. Shows how a small set of fundamental principles and interactions allow us to model a wide variety of physical situations, using both classical and modern concepts. A prime goal of the course is to have the participants learn to actively connect the concepts with the modeling process. Three hours of laboratory work per week. To ensure proper placement, students are expected to have taken the physics placement examination prior to registering for Physics 1130.

Personal Page: www.bowdoin.edu/~jburciag


  • B.S., Physics, The University of Texas at Arlington (1975)
  • M.A., Physics, The University of Texas at Arlington (1977)
  • Ph.D., Physics, Texas A&M University (1986)

Thesis & Dissertation

  • M.A. Thesis: Positron-Gas Scattering Utilizing A Time-Of-Flight Technique (1977)
  • Ph.D. Dissertation: Non-Adiabatic Perturbations in the Spectra of Molecular Hydrogen (1986)

Publications and Talks

The Application of Play Theory to Pedagogical Design, Juan R. Burciaga, APS Forum on Education Summer 2010 Newsletter