Gonca Senel

Assistant Professor of Economics

Teaching this semester

ECON 1102. Principles of Macroeconomics, B

An introduction to economic analysis and institutions, with special emphasis on determinants of the level of national income, prices, and employment. Current problems of inflation and unemployment are explored with the aid of such analysis, and alternative views of the effectiveness of fiscal, monetary, and other governmental policies are analyzed. Attention is given to the sources and consequences of economic growth and to the nature and significance of international linkages through goods and capital markets.

ECON 3509. International Finance

Seminar. Surveys a number of topics in international finance and international macroeconomics, including balance of payments, exchange rate determination, the Mundell-Fleming model of output and exchange rate, exchange rate regimes, international capital flows, and international financial crises. Involves data analysis to empirically evaluate the theoretical models. Also provides a special focus on Asia and Europe by discussing issues such as Asia's role in the global imbalances and the effect of Euro on the capital markets.


  • Ph. D., University of California; Los Angeles
  • M.A., University of California; Los Angeles
  • M.A., Bilkent University
  • B.S., Bilkent University