Location: Bowdoin / Gaetano Martire


Gaetano Martire

Teaching Fellow in Italian

Fall 2012


Gaetano Martire


Laurea (BA degree) in Lingue e Culture Comparate (Compared Languages and Cultures), University of Naples “L’Orientale” (Italy), 110/110 and honors. Specialization: American and Hebrew Literatures. Thesis on postmodern epistemology and aesthetics as exemplified in Don DeLillo’s latest novel Point Omega.

Currently working on the final thesis for a MA in Comparative Literature, University of Naples “L’Orientale” (Italy). Specialization: American and Italian Literatures. The thesis will investigate the limits of literary representation through the analysis of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Short Stories. Expected date of completion: March 2013.

  • Philosophy of Language and Semiotics.
  • Postmodern Theories in Literary Criticism.
  • Languages and Translation.
  • Formal Logic and Abstract Mathematics.
  • Philosophy of Science and Epistemology.
  • Power Dynamics in Politics and Culture.
  • American Literature.

  • Pronunciation and Intonation.
  • Differences between Standard Italian and Regional Dialects.    
  • XX Century Italian Writers.
  • Italian Music, Cinema and Comics.
  • American Stereotypes about Italy and Vice Versa.
  • Italian History and Society.
  • Language Puzzles and Enigmistic Games.