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Theater and Dance

Gwyneth Jones

Senior Lecturer in Dance Performance

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Theater And Dance
219 Edwards Center for Art & D

Fall 2014

  • Modern I: Technique (DANC 1211)
  • Modern I: Repertory and Performance (DANC 1212)
  • Modern II: Technique (DANC 2211)
  • Modern II: Repertory and Performance (DANC 2212)


Gwyneth Jones performs with Portland, Maine based modern dance company Berg, Jones & Sarvis. She was a member of NYC's Dan Wagoner and Dancers for five years, worked as a guest artist at London Contemporary Dance Theatre, and performed with Ram Island Dance Company. In 1996 she was awarded a Maine Arts Commission Individual Artist Fellowship. She has taught modern dance technique and repertory at Bowdoin College since 1988.