Location: Bowdoin / George S. Isaacson


George S. Isaacson

Adjunct Lecturer

Fall 2014 

  • Education and Law (GOV 2940)

George S. Isaacson

Since 1974, George Isaacson has been an adjunct faculty member teaching in both the Department of Government and Legal Studies and the Department of Education.  He has taught courses on constitutional law, comparative constitutional law, law and education, and mental health law.  Following his graduation from law school, and prior to entering private practice, he was law clerk to Maine Supreme Judicial Court Justice Thomas E. Delahanty.  Mr. Isaacson is past chairman of both the Maine Council of School Board Attorneys and the Maine Supreme Court Advisory Committee on Rules of Evidence and served as a member of the Federal Appellate Court Rules Committee.  He has written, lectured, litigated and testified before congressional committees on issues relating to the Commerce Clause of the U. S. Constitution.  He has also taught at the University of Maine School of Law.