Erin Johnson

Visiting Assistant Professor of Art

Teaching this semester

DCS 2640. Interactivity, Computation, and Media Architecture

The use of media architecture has become an increasingly common way to engage with our surroundings. Explores how embedded computation affects the way the built environment is experienced. Students consider how digital media is changing notions of place and how we interact with and learn about it. Through short- and long-term projects, students explore how to design and prototype computationally driven experiences, which are embedded into architectural spaces. Reading and writing assignments enhance skills in questioning new media and guide consideration of issues surrounding privacy, surveillance, the digital city, geography of cyberspace, representation and identity, technology in the new global economy, space, and audience. Using the graphical programming language Max, students work with data to alter environments using light, sound, and projection and create digital installations. No previous experience with programming is required.

VART 1701. Digital Media I

A studio class designed to introduce students to digital photography, sound, and video. Students learn the basic skills necessary to work with these three media, including recording, editing, and installation. In addition, students learn about the history of these media and the ways they inform and expand upon each other.


  • M.F.A. and Graduate Certificate in New Media, University of California; Berkeley, CA
  • B.A., Warren Wilson College; Swannanoa, NC