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REL 1013. God and Money

Money is frequently assumed to be antithetical to religion even as the two are utterly inseparable. This is what makes it a particularly useful category for exploring what counts as religion—concerns that are integral to the discipline of religious studies and central to humanistic inquiry more broadly. Considers money as a measure of time, as a way human communities construct relationships, as well as how it interacts with moral categories such as value, guilt, and obligation, and theological understandings of sin, debt, poverty, charity, and prosperity. Course readings and visual media consist of predominantly Christian sources with some comparison to other traditions and focus on the significance of money in modern life.

REL 3390. Theories about Religion

Seminar focusing on how religion has been explained and interpreted from a variety of intellectual and academic perspectives, from the sixteenth century to the present. In addition to a historical overview of religion’s interpretation and explanation, also includes consideration of postmodern critiques and the problem of religion and violence in the contemporary world.

Elizabeth A. Pritchard: Bowdoin College: Religion

Elizabeth Pritchard, A.B. (Boston College), M.T.S., M.A., Ph.D. (Harvard) teaches religious thought in the modern West. Her research projects include a study of the relationship between feminist theology and radical democratic theory; a reconstruction and critique of the theological commitments of the Marxist philosopher Theodor Adorno; and an analysis of the foundations of consent in modern political philosophy and religious thought.  


Religion in Public: Locke’s Political Theology (Stanford University Press, 2013)Religion in Public: Locke’s Political Theology (Stanford University Press, 2013)


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Editorials and Reviews

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Panelist, Public Colloquium on “Faith, Belief and Reason,” Bowdoin College, November 7, 2008.

“Liberalism’s Theology of Consent” Presented at the American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting (Chicago, Illinois, November 1-3, 2008).

“Locke’s Political Theology” Presented at the Association for Political Theory Annual Conference (Wesleyan University, Middletown, Connecticut, October 9-12, 2008).

“Liberal Agency and Global Inequalities” Presented at the American Political Science Association Annual Meeting (Boston, MA, August 28-31, 2008).

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“Don’t Be Afraid of the F-Word:  Feminism, Fun and the Future” Presented at the Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion Teaching for Change Conference (Cambridge, MA, June 2005).

“Agency and Religion” paper accepted for presentation at the Second Annual Christina Conference, entitled “Gender, Religion and Theory in Dialogue” (University of Helsinki, Finland, March 2005).

“Surrender Your Gender:  Religious Subjectivity in William James’s Varieties of Religious

Experience” Presented at the American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting (Toronto, November 2002).

“Religion:  The Body of Evidence” Presented at Bowdoin College Common Hour (Brunswick, ME, November 2001).

“Make it or Break it?:  The Body of Belief in Poststructuralism and Theism,” Presented at the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill, NC, February 2001).

“Bodies That Matter:  Consent and Coercion in Feminist Theory of Religion”

Presented at Duke University (Durham, NC, February 2001).

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“Feminist Publishing: A Mandate for the Millennium.”

Presented at the American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting (Boston, November 1999).

“Translating Theodor W. Adorno’s Theology:  Negative or Inverse?”

Presented at Harvard University Divinity School (Cambridge, MA, April 1998).

“Way Out West:  Women’s Development and the Discourse of Mobility.”

Presented at the National Women’s Studies Association Annual Meeting (Saratoga, NY, June 1996).

“A Rhetoric of Failure?  Negative Theology and Theodor W. Adorno.”

Presented at the American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting (New Orleans, November 1996).

Co-Organizer, Symposium:  “Black Women and Pentecostalism in Diaspora,” Bowdoin College (April 2012)

Film Presenter, “Praying in Her Own Voice” Bowdoin Hillel, Bowdoin College (April 2010)

Curator, “Monotheism and Masculinity” Exhibit, Becker Gallery, Bowdoin College Museum of Art, (October 2004).

Advisor, Honors Projects

Hannah Scheidt, “The Second Life of Religion” (2010)

Shelley Barron, “New Blood for Brazil:  Religiosity in the Movement for Amazonian Land Reform” (2009)

Harry Schnur, “Ritual Contest in Maine: Cambodian Buddhists, Zoning, and the Politics of Place” (2008)

Daniel Yingst, “Miracles, Nature, and the Eucharist in Early Medieval Thought” (2007)

Benjamin Cope-Kasten, “The Killing Power in Heaven and Earth:  Cosmic War and Great Peace in the Taiping Rebellion” (2006)

Amy Petersen, “”We have tasted of God and our eyes have been opened:’ A Postcolonial Reexamination of Peyotism and the Native American Church” (2003)

Aaron M. Rosen, “Imaging the Holocaust:  The Authorizing Pressures of Theological Discourse on Holocaust Art” (2001)

Jenette Wood, “Priesthood Power and Women in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints” (2000)


Editor, “Religion and Politics” section of the Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion (2005-)

Editorial Board, Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion (2000-)


Chair, Lectures and Concerts Committee (2012-2013)

Chair, Religion Department (2009-2011)

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