Research and Honors Students

The following students have done thesis work or senior research work with me over the years

Wesleyan Students

GSO Students

  • Elizabeth Anne Ayer MS 1980 " Seismic stratigraphy of the northern Bermuda Rise"
  • Charles (Jay) John McCreery MS 1983 "Acoustic structure and echo character of surficial sediments of northern Hatteras Abyssal Plain"
  • Stephen Michael Dickson MS 1985 " Late quaternary evolution of the northern Hatteras Abyssal Plain"
  • Ann Isley MS 1984 " Physical processes influencing modern sedimentation, Hatteras abyssal plain"
  • Peter de Menocal MS 1986 "A magnetic signature of bottom-current erosion"
  • Mary Jude Baker MS 1986 " Sedimentation of the Northern Bermuda Rise"
  • Lincoln F. Pratson MS 1987 " Sedimentary processes; mid-east U.S. rise"
  • Neal William Driscoll MS 1987 " Abyssal current influence on the southwest Bermuda Rise and surrounding region"
  • Stanley Dwight Locker PhD 1989 " Cenozoic depositional history of the middle U.S. Atlantic continental rise"
Bowdoin Students
  • Jonatahn K. Graves BA 1987 "The development of the salt marsh at Coleman Farm"
  • Peter Thalheimer BA 1989 "Quaternary shaping of the Wilmington Deep Sea Valley"
  • Christopher Keeley BA 1989 " Strain quaternary continental slope sediments between Hudson and Wilmington Canyons"
  • Jason House BA 1993 "The bedrock topography of Brunswick, Maine"
  • Benjamin Bangs BA 1994 " Channel characteristics of the Lower Cathance River, Maine"
  • Angela Merryman BA 1994 " Sediment dynamics of the lower Cathance River, Maine"
  • Gregory Harvey BA 1995 " High-resolution side-scan sonar : technique for comparing multiple surveys of the same geographic area"
  • Jennifer Champagne BA 1996 " An environmental analysis of fishing activities in Block Island Sound, Rhode Island : a study of the geology of the continental shelf, side-scan sonar interpretations, fisheries data, and the impacts of trawling and dredging on Benthic environments"
  • Maureen E. Drouin BA 1996 " 3.5 kHz analysis of abyssal sedimentation in the Venezuelan Basin and surrounding region"
  • Erika K. Helmrath BA 1997 " The influence of seamounts on glacial-age drift sedimentation : northern Bermuda rise"
  • Benjamin C. Burke BA 1999 " Paleoclimatic cyclicity in seismic reflection profiles at ODP site 1063, northern Bermuda rise sediment drift"
  • Adrienne Jean Oakley BA 2001 "The seismic and sedimentological characteristics of the Upper New Meadows River, Mid-coast Maine"
  • Abir Biswas
  • Ferdinand (Nando) Oberle BA 2002 "Seismic Stratigraphy of Eastern Casco Bay"
  • Edward Michael Sweeney, Jr. BA 2003 " Glaciomarine sediments beneath eastern Casco Bay, Mid-coast Maine"
  • Megan Elizabeth Lim BA 2003 " Submarine groundwater discharge beneath eastern Casco Bay, Mid-coast, Maine"
  • James Holte BA 2003 "Flushing of Quahog Bay"
  • Kurt Jendrek BA 2004 "Bedrock Controls on Submarine Groundwater Discharge (SGD) in Eastern Casco Bay, Maine, and Nutrient Analyses of SGD Springs"
  • Dan Abraham BA 2004 "Estimating discharge and the dynamics of Submarine Groundwater Discharge with Radon-222 and Radium-226 at Waquoit Bay, Falmouth MA, and Quahog Bay, Harpswell, ME."