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Erin Curren

Adjunct Lecturer in French

Erin Curren - Bowdoin College


  • B.A. Colby
  • M.A.-equiv Université Paris 7
  • M.A., Ph.D. Columbia


  • Language Acquisition & Instruction
  • Improvisation
  • Creative Movement Expression & Dance
  • Non-Verbal Communication

Erin Curren has been teaching French for over 15 years to children and adults of all ages. Her love of teaching has always been by influenced by her flair for the dramatic and passion for improvisation.

Upon completing her Diplôme d’études approfondies at Paris VII in 1998, Erin began teaching French to children and adults in the greater Boston area. In 2000, she returned to her hometown of New York City to pursue her doctorate in French and Romance Philology at Columbia University, which she completed in 2005. Her dissertation explores the use of gesture and body language in the work of Nathalie Sarraute.

This doctoral research and a growing interest in dance and all forms of creative movement expression led Erin to become certified in a movement technique called Nia, which she has been teaching in the greater Portland area since 2010.

In addition to teaching French and Nia classes, Erin has been a company member of Portland Playback Theater since 2009. Portland Playback Theater is an improvisation group that honors audience members’ real-life stories by spontaneously playing them back, using movement, dialogue and music as a way to honor the human experience and build community.