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Sociology and Anthropology

Dhiraj Murthy

Research Associate, Sociology And Anthropology

Dhiraj Murthy: Bowdoin College: Sociology

Dhiraj Murthy's current research explores social media, virtual organizations, and big data quantitative analysis. His work on social networking technologies in virtual breeding grounds is funded by the National Science Foundation, Office of CyberInfrastructure. Dhiraj also has a book on Twitter, the first scholarly book on the subject, which is published by Polity Press. His work on innovative digital research methods has been cited widely. Dhiraj founded and currently directs the Social Network Innovation Lab, an interdisciplinary research group investigating social networks and collaborative virtual organizations. 

Personal webpage: dhirajmurthy.com


  • Ph.D. in Sociology, University of Cambridge, 2008
  • MSc in Philosophy, London School of Economics, 2003
  • MSc in Sociology, University of Bristol, 2001
  • B.A. in Psychology, Claremont McKenna College, 1997

Research Areas

  • Social Media, New Media, Organizations, Quantitative Sociology, Virtual Teams, Big Data, and Digital Methods.


Twitter: Social Communication in the Twitter Age. 2013, with Polity Press.

 Journal articles

'Introduction: Special Issue on Collaboration, Organisations and Social Media', International Journal of Organizational Design and Engineering, 2013 Vol.3, No.2, pp.115 – 120, 2013. (PDF)

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Peer-reviewed Book Chapters 

'Emergent Data Mining Tools for Social Network Analysis' in Data Mining in Dynamic Social Networks and Fuzzy Systems(Bhatnagar, V. ed.), Hershey, PA: IGI Global, 2013, pp. 40-58 (with Gross, A. and Takata, A.*).

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(* indicates student co-author)

Peer-reviewed conference proceedings 

Murthy, D. (2013) 'Examining the Formation of Swift Trust within a Scientific Global Virtual Team'  in Proceedings of the 46th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, Maui, Hawaii, pp. 353-362.

Murthy, D., Gross, A., Bond, S.* ‘Visualizing collective discursive user interactions in online life science communities’ Proceedings of Collective Intelligence, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA., 2012 (PDF)

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(* indicates student co-author)

National Science Foundation, ' RUI: VOSS: The Potential for Social Networking Cyberinfrastructure to Facilitate Virtual Organization Breeding Grounds', Award #1025428 ($399,553)