Cathryn Field

Lab Instructor

Teaching this semester

EOS 1505/ENVS 1102. Oceanography, L1

The fundamentals of geological, physical, chemical, and biological oceanography. Topics include tectonic evolution of the ocean basins; deep-sea sedimentation as a record of ocean history; global ocean circulation, waves, and tides; chemical cycles; ocean ecosystems and productivity; and the ocean’s role in climate change. Weekly labs and fieldwork demonstrate these principles in the setting of Casco Bay and the Gulf of Maine. Students complete a field-based research project on coastal oceanography.

Cathryn completed a Master's Degree at Smith College. She is a Lab Instructor in Earth and Oceanographic Science, focusing primarily on marine environmental geology and water quality.


  • B.A., Connecticut College; New London, Connecticut
  • M.S., Smith College; Northampton, Massachusetts


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