Christopher A. Born

Visiting Assistant Professor of Asian Studies

Teaching this semester

ASNS 2403. Japanese Science and Mystery Fiction

A trans-media survey of modern Japanese science and mystery fiction in literature, film, anime, and manga. Explores individual dreams, social nightmares, and the dynamics of utopia, ideology, dystopia, and futurism. Devotes considerable attention to the ways in which these genres respond to social forces, address disasters of natural and human origin, and contemplate the human relationship with science and technology, criminal justice, imagined worlds, and future panics. Also considers theoretical approaches to media studies and the historical and cultural context from which the selected texts have emerged.

JPN 2204. Intermediate Japanese II

A continuation of Japanese 2203 with the introduction of more advanced grammatical structures, vocabulary, and characters.


  • B.A., Valparaiso
  • A.M., Washington University; St. Louis
  • Ph.D. Candidate, Washington University; St. Louis