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Earth and Oceanographic Science

Christian Schrader

Visiting Assistant Professor of Earth and Oceanographic Science

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Earth & Oceanographic Science

Druckenmiller Hall - 120C

Teaching this semester

EOS 2115. Volcanology

Christian Schrader
Volcanism is responsible for the crusts and atmospheres of all the rocky planets (and some of the icy ones as well) and also affects human civilization. Survey of volcanic rocks and landforms and the impacts of volcanism on human and Earth history and climate. Volcanism serves as a probe into planetary interiors and allows comparison across the solar system. During weekly laboratory sessions students examine volcanic rocks in hand sample and thin section, volcanic deposits in the field and in maps and photos; and investigate the links between eruptive style of magma and its composition. Not open to students with credit in Earth and Oceanographic Science 2110.

EOS 3140. Tectonics and Climate

Christian Schrader
Exploration of the complex interactions between tectonics and climate. Discussion of current research is emphasized by reading primary literature, through class discussions and presentations, and by writing scientific essays. The emphasis on current research means topics may vary, but include: the rise of continents, the evolution of plate tectonics on Earth over the last 4.5 billion years, ancient mountain belts, supercontinents, the record of earth system processes preserved in the geologic record, predictions of how the modern earth system will be recorded in the future rock record, the topographic growth of mountain belts, and Cenozoic climate change.


  • Ph.D. University of Georgia
  • M.S. University of Georgia
  • B.S. University of Alaska