Christopher Chong

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

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Christopher Chong

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Searles Science Building - 125

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MATH 1808. Biomathematics

Christopher Chong
A study of mathematical modeling in biology, with a focus on translating back and forth between biological questions and their mathematical representation. Biological questions are drawn from a broad range of topics, including disease, ecology, genetics, population dynamics, and neurobiology. Mathematical methods include discrete and continuous (ODE) models and simulation, box models, linearization, stability analysis, attractors, oscillations, limiting behavior, feedback, and multiple time-scales. Three hours of class meetings and one-and-a-half hours of computer laboratory sessions per week. Within the biology major, this course may count as the mathematics credit or as biology credit, but not both. Students are expected to have taken a year of high school or college biology prior to this course.

MATH 2208. Ordinary Differ Equations

Christopher Chong
A study of some of the ordinary differential equations that model a variety of systems in the physical, natural and social sciences. Classical methods for solving differential equations with an emphasis on modern, qualitative techniques for studying the behavior of solutions to differential equations. Applications to the analysis of a broad set of topics, including population dynamics, oscillators and economic markets. Computer software is used as an important tool, but no prior programming background is assumed.


  • B.S. (New Hampshire)
  • M.S. (San Diego State University)
  • Ph.D. (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology-Germany)

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