Invited Lectures

"Measured Words: Computation and Writing in Renaissance Italy." De Bosis Colloquium. Harvard University, Camrbidge, MA (April 2018)

"Dante and Contemporary American Satire." Mary Washington University. Fredericksburg, VA (March 2018)

An Esoteric Illus-translation of the Commedia: Paul Laffoley’s Divine Comedy Triptych (1972-1975).” Dante Society of America. Annual Meeting. University of Oregon, Eugene, OR. (May 2017)

“The Fiction of Italian Science Fiction.” Florida State University. Tallahassee, FL. (March 2017)

“Translating Science Fiction.” Florida State University. Tallahassee, FL. (March 2017)

“Dante in Popular Culture.” Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Boston, MA. (Oct. 2016)

"Hell, Yes! Dante in Contemporary American Satire." Bowdoin Alumni Association of NYC. Yahoo!  NYC  (June 2016)

“Nuove geografie e biodiversità nella fantascienza di oggi.” Libreria AsSaggi. Rome, Italy.  (May 2016)

So Say We All: The Fiction of World Science Fiction.” Dept. of Comparative Literature. Penn State. (March 2016)

“The Development and Use of Dante” NEH Seminar directed by Deborah Parker. University of Virginia.  (July 2015)

“The Rainbow Fire-Breathing Topology and Combinatorics of Dante’s Trinity.” Dante Lecture. Newberry Library, Chicago, IL.  (March 2015)

“Tartaglia’s Poetic Solution to the Cubic Equation.” Notre Dame. Dept. of Mathematics.  (March 2015)

“Dante in Popular Culture.”  University of Virginia. Italian Department. ( March 2015)

"Dante for and of Today." CUNY-Graduate Center, NYC.  (Oct. 2014)

"Tartaglia's Poetic Solution to the Cubic Equation." Colby College, Mathematics Department.  (Sept. 2014)

Paradiso 33.” University of Tennessee. Italian Department.  (April 2014)

“Dante’s Paradiso.” University of Maine-Orono, Honor’s Program.  (April 2014)

"Lectura Dantis: Paradiso 28."  Boston College.  (Oct. 2012)

“Code Writing: Leon Battista Alberti’s De cifris (1466).” Stanford University, Italian Department.  (May 2012)

“Dante and Popular Culture.” Holy Cross, Italian Department.  (April 2012)

“Reflections on Love in Dante’s Divine Comedy.” University Club of New York City.  (April 2012)
“Dante.” University of Maine-Orono, Honors Program.  (April 2012)
“Dante and Popular Culture.” Bucknell University, Italian Department.  (March 2012)

“Divine but not Golden: Luca Pacioli and the Renaissance Mathematics of Lettering.” Brown University, Italian Department.  (March 2012)
“Niccolò Tartaglia’s Poetic Solution to the Cubic Equation.” University of Maine-Orono, Department of Mathematics.  (Dec. 2011)
Seminar discussant, Futures. Johns Hopkins University, Department of German and Romance Languages.  (Nov. 2011)

with Elliott King, “Dante and Dalí.” Georgia Museum of Art. Athens, GA.  (April 2011)

“Giordano Bruno, Philosopher of the Forbidden.” Hampshire College.  (Dec. 2010)

“Renaissance Cryptography.” Loyola University.  (Oct. 2010)

“Math and the Alphabet in Renaissance Italy.” Ohio State University, Comparative Studies Department.  (April 2010)

“Futurist Gastropolemics.” Smith College. (April 2010)

“Giambattista Della Porta’s Flexilinear Language.” Indiana University-Bloomington. (March 2010)

“Purgatorio XV.” McGill University.  (March 2010)

“Dante and Pop Culture.” McGill University.  (March 2010)

“The Cryptographer’s Flying Eyeball: A Case Study in Interdisciplinarity.” Karofsky Encore Lecture. Bowdoin College.  (Jan. 2010)

Keynote: “Interdisciplinarity.” The State of Italian Studies. Wellesley College, MA.  (Dec. 2009)

“Niccolò Tartaglia’s Poetic Solution to the Cubic Equation.” University of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of Mathematics.  (Oct. 2009)

“Leon Battista Alberti e la crittografia: Un duetto in cifra tra il linguaggio e la matematica.” Palazzo Rucellai. Florence, Italy.  (April 2009)

“Literature and Mathematics in Early Modern Italy.” Villa I Tatti, Florence, Italy.  (Nov. 2008)

“Twists, Knots, and the Very Small: Pathways into the Literary and Mathematical Imaginations.” Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.  (March 2008)

“Alberti’s Cryptography.” Codes in Conflict: New Formations in Early Modern Studies. The Center for Early Modern Studies. University of Wisconsin-Madison.  (Feb. 2008)

“Dante: Stella della cultura Pop?” Circolo Italiano di Boston. Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.  (Dec. 2007)

Keynote: “In a network of lines that enlace: Science and the Italian Literary Imagination.” Scientifica-mente: The Symbiosis of Literature and Science in Italian Culture. University of Chicago, Chicago, IL.  (Feb. 2006)

“A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules From the Centre of the Ultraworld: The Polyphonic Discourse of Electronic Music.” University of California, Santa Cruz.  (Jan. 2006)

“Rewarding.” Bowdoin Honors Day.  (May 2005)

“Lyrical Numbers: The Poetry of Mathematics in Early Modern Europe.” University of Oregon, Eugene, OR.  (Feb. 2005)

“Lyrical Numbers: The Poetry of Mathematics in Early Modern Europe.” Yale University, New Haven, CT.  (Feb. 2005)

“Spazio e letteratura.” Centro Internazionale di Studi Deradiani, San Demetrio Corone, Italy.  (June 2004)

“Number, Shape, and Word in Renaissance Italian Literature.” Humanities Center, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.  (March 2004)

“Well-Versed Mathematics in Early Modern Italy.” Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.  (March 2004)

“Hyperdimensionality in Salvador Dalí’s Illustrations of Dante’s Paradiso.” Dante Society of America, Cambridge, MA.  (April 2003)