Aimee Eldridge

Laboratory Instructor

Teaching this semester

BIOL 2112. Genetics and Molecular Biology, L1

Integrated coverage of organismic and molecular levels of genetic systems. Topics include modes of inheritance, the structure and function of chromosomes, the mechanisms and control of gene expression, recombination, mutagenesis, techniques of molecular biology, and human genetic variation. Laboratory sessions are scheduled.

Aimee holds a Ph.D in Biochemistry from the University of Oregon and is currently a laboratory instructor at Bowdoin.


  • B.A., Chemistry, College of Wooster; Wooster, OH, 1993
  • Ph. D., Biochemistry, University of Oregon; Eugene, OR, 2002

Publications (*indicates undergraduate co-author)

Eldridge, A. M., Roberts, J. N., Grim, N. E., and Wuttke, D. S. (manuscript in preparation)
"Accommodation of Heterogeneous Yeast Telomeric Sequences by the Single-Strand DNA-Binding Protein, Cdc13"

Eldridge, A. M., and Wuttke, D. S. (2008) "Probing the Mechanism of Recognition of ssDNA by the Cdc13-DBD," Nucleic Acids Research, 36, 1624-1633.

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