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Allen Springer

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Government And Legal Studies
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  • B.A. Amherst College
  • A.M., M.A.L.D. and Ph.D. Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy

Mr. Springer has teaching responsibilities in the fields of international law and organization, introductory and advanced international relations, North Atlantic relations, environmental policy and American foreign policy. He is the international author of The International Law of Pollution: Protecting the Global Environment in a World of Sovereign States, and a contributor to Integration and Disintegration in East Africa,The International Handbook of Pollution Control, International Environmental Diplomacy: The Management and Resolution of Transfrontier Environmental Problems, The United States and Europe in the 1990s, and Environmental Protection and International Law. He is presently completing a study of regional ocean management in the Gulf of Maine and is working on a book on the development of international environmental law.



This section offers some links that may be helpful to those interested in the issue of legal liability for oil spills. It will be of particular interest to students in Gov. 263 and may be helpful in writing Paper #2.

International Liability and Compensation Agreements

National Liability Legislation

General Links



This section offers some links that may be helpful to those interested in peace process in Northern Ireland. It will be updated again for students in Gov. 103.

Analysis of the Agreement

Background Briefing- Roger MacGinty

Conflict Archive on Internet : Northern Ireland

CNN Special Report - Healing an Ancient Rift: Northern Ireland's Path to Peace

CNN- The Price of Peace : Key Elements of the Peace Plan

Keith Fitzgerald , Northern Ireland Peace Plan Gives Both Sides Something to Cheer

Northern Ireland Website : The Good Friday Agreement, April 1998