Location: Bowdoin / Anne Hayden

Environmental Studies

Anne C. J. Hayden

Adjunct Lecturer in Environmental Studies

Teaching this semester

ENVS 3991. Troubled Waters: Fishing in the Gulf of Maine

Matthew Klingle Anne Hayden
Around the world and in the Gulf of Maine, overfishing, threats to habitat, and climate change are putting marine ecosystems and coastal communities under great stress. Interdisciplinary senior seminar draws on oceanography, ecology, history, economics, anthropology, and political science to explore the causes and scope of pressures on the marine environment; the potential for restoring ecosystems, fisheries, and coastal economies; political conflicts over fisheries and related issues; federal, state, and community-based approaches to managing marine ecosystems; and strategies for coping with scientific and management uncertainties.

  • M.S. Duke University
    B.A. Harvard University