Aimee Eldridge

Laboratory Instructor in Neuroscience

Phone 2077253074
Title Laboratory Instructor
Department Biology
Work Location 124A Druckenmiller Hall

Fall 2010

  • Biochemistry (CHEM 232)


Ph.D. Biochemistry, University of Oregon, Eugene OR, 2002
B.A. Chemistry, College of Wooster, Wooster OH, 1993

Publications *indicates undergraduate co-author

Eldridge, A. M., Roberts, J. N., Grim, N. E., and Wuttke, D. S. (manuscript in preparation)
"Accommodation of Heterogeneous Yeast Telomeric Sequences by the Single-Strand DNA-Binding Protein, Cdc13"

Eldridge, A. M., and Wuttke, D. S. (2008) "Probing the Mechanism of Recognition of ssDNA by the Cdc13-DBD," Nucleic Acids Research, 36, 1624-1633.

Eldridge, A. M., Halsey, W. A., and Wuttke, D. S. (2006) "Identification of the Determinants for the Specific Recognition of Single-Strand DNA by Cdc13," Biochemistry, 45, 871-879.

Eldridge, A. M., *Kang, H-S., Johnson, E., Gunsalus, R., and Dahlquist, F. W. (2002) "The Effect of Phosphorylation on the Inter-Domain Interaction of the Response Regulator, NarL," Biochemistry, 41, 15173-15180.

Lipscomb, L. A., Gassner, N. C., Snow, S. D., Eldridge, A. M., Baase, W. A., Drew, D. L., and Matthews, B. W. (1998) "Context-Dependent Protein Stabilization by Methionine-to- Leucine Substitution Shown in T4 Lysozyme," Protein Science, 7, 765-773.

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