Web TMA Work Order FAQs

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Q. What does the new work order service request look like?

A. A screenshot of the new system is below.


Q. How do I log in to the new system?

A. Use your Bowdoin user ID and password.  Make sure not to include the "@bowdoin.edu" as part of your user ID.

Q. How do I request a work order and what has changed from the current system?

A. When submitting a request for service you will be prompted to provide your name, phone number, email address, and the action requested, as well as selecting a building. The Work Order Controller will review the request and unlike the existing system, you will receive notification as the status of the service request changes.

Q. How do I indicate “Permission To Enter” (PTE)?

A. When a service request is submitted Permission To Enter (PTE) is assumed. If there are restrictions as to when the room or area is available, that information must be entered in the “Action Requested” field. Entry to student’s rooms will typically occur after 9:30 am Monday through Friday except in the case of emergencies.

Q. What if I don’t see a building or room listed?

A. The building or room can be selected via a drop down list. If the building or room you are submitting the service request for isn’t in the drop down list, contact the Work Order Controller at 207.725.3333.

Q. What happened to any work orders in the system prior to July 1, 2014? Do they need to be resubmitted?

A. All work orders pending as of July 1, 2014 will be recreated by Facilities staff in the new system.

Q. Will the work order system work on all browsers?

A. Yes, the new system will work on all browsers.

Q. What are the hours that work order requests will be reviewed and will work order requests be reviewed at night or on weekends?

A. Work orders will be reviewed and processed by Facilities staff, 7:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday. Work orders received after hours or on weekends will not be reviewed until the next business day. Emergencies can still be reported via phone call to the Communications Center at 207.725.3314 after hours, on weekends and on College holidays.

Q. Where can I find the link to submit and check on the status of a pending work order request?

A. It is located on the Facilities Management webpage under the Resources heading. After signing in with your user ID and password you can either create a new Service Request or view previously submitted requests in the browse tab. See the screen shots for browse tab features.


Double clicking on an item in the list will open a tracking window for the request.


Q.  How do I attach a photo/document to a work order request?

A.  Click on "Linked Documents" and you will be prompted to browse for the photo/document that you want to attach. 


Q.  Can work orders requests be submitted on a mobile device?

A. Yes.  Click here for steps on how to submit a work order request on a mobile device.