Student Damage

The Facilities Management office works to provide and maintain a healthy, safe and clean living environment for all members of the Bowdoin community.

Each student is required to confirm the documented condition of their assigned space, including any shared areas (i.e. bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms), upon arrival AND departure by electronically completing the Room Inspection Condition Contract (RICC) which is located at  Each student MUST complete this form within forty-eight (48) hours of occupying AND/OR vacating their assigned space.

Completed RICCs will be maintained electronically by Facilities Management. Information contained in the completed RICC will be used to compare the room condition upon departure and determine any costs associated with student damages.

Failure to complete an arrival and/or departure RICC will result in a $100 non-compliance fee being charged to the student's account.  Additionally, failure to accurately complete the RICC will forfeit any opportunity for recourse or reversal of any RICC charges.

It is the student's responsibility to report any needed repairs or damage to the Facilities Management Work Order Controller at extension 3333, or

At the end of the academic year, (or the end of the first semester for those who are not returning for the second semester), Facilities Management completes room inventories for damage. Upon vacating their assigned space, students are expected to take all personal belongings, remove all trash, and have the room broom swept/vacuumed clean. Cleaning supplies such as trash bags, vacuums and brooms are available from Housekeeping staff or by calling x3672. Rooms that require cleaning or trash removal by Facilities Management staff will be assessed a $100.00 cleaning fee. If something has changed, including but not limited to damages or furniture having been removed, all occupants of a space will be held collectively responsible unless the individual(s) responsibile is identified. When furniture is found in areas other than its intended and original location, the responsible student(s) will be assessed a $50.00 furniture relocation fee. Other departure information is listed in the Closing Notice that is sent out from the Residential Life office several weeks before the end of the semester.

Students are required to move out by the date and time listed on the Closing Notice unless an official exception due to extenuating circumstances has been granted by Residential Life.  Facilities Management has a very limited time window, an extremely busy schedule and limited resources to prepare the campus for Commencement, Reunion, and arrival of Summer Programs.  Students who have not vacated their rooms by the communicated deadline will be subject to a $100.00 per day Late Departure Fee.


The College is committed to providing students with livable residences. Vandalism, damage, and inappropriate use of common furnishings undermine these efforts. Occupants are financially responsible for damage, loss of College property, and/or cleaning costs above and beyond normal daily cleaning. In addition, incidents that are determined to be of a willful or malicious nature may be referred to the Office of Residential Life for disciplinary action. The removal of bodily fluids, such as urine, feces, vomit and blood will be a minimum of $100.00 per instance.

Students are not permitted to paint any part or portion of their rooms.  Additionally, it is highly recommended that students use poster putty or small push pins to secure items such as posters to the wall, as any damage caused by the removal of tape will be charged to the occupant(s).  Because of liability and safety concerns, students are not permitted to make improvements to their assigned space without express written permission from Facilities Management, nor may they hire independent contractors.  To help prevent charges to occupants who are not responsible for damage or loss, students are encouraged to take personal responsibility for their actions as well as their guests for damage or loss, and/or to share knowledge of specific acts of vandalism or damage to their building with Residential Life or Security staff.  Whenever possible, the individual(s) responsible for the damage, vandalism, inappropriate use, extra cleaning costs, repainting of student rooms, or repairs deemed by Facilities Management to be beyond normal wear and tear will be held responsible.  When the person or group, (including but not limited to residents of a room, floor, suite, wing or apartment), cannot be identified, all occupants of the building/floor/apartment complex will be charged.  Attempts by students to repair damages or repaint in order to reduce the financial implications, will not be considered and they will be assessed the full charge.  Hosts of social events, whether groups or individuals, will be held responsible for damages and/or extra cleaning costs in the area used for the event and the immediate vicinity.

Damage is anything that exceeds a physical condition that would be expected from normal wear and tear.

Listed below are some of the more common, but by no means totally inclusive schedule of damages and the associated charges.  The list is based on the industry standard RS Means Method of Estimating.  Please note these are minimum charges that are not pro-rated and will be adjusted accordingly as material and labor charges increase.

Item Fine 1
Appliance repair $50 min + parts + labor
Appliance replacement Prevailing price + installation + delivery

Bed frame $245.00
Bookcase $273.00
Bulletin board $107.00
Card Access, card reader

Card Access, door position detector

Card Access, egress motion detector

Card Access, electric door strike

Card Access, local alarm

Card Access, motorized door closer

Card Access, motorized panic device

Ceilings, acoustical tile

Ceilings, solid

Chair, cushioned $254.00
Chair, desk $142.00
Chair, oak $135.00
Chair, upholstered $424.00
Coffee table $255.00
Curtain rod $46.00
Desk $424.00
Desk shelf $191.00
Door closer
Door closer arm $125.00
Door hinges

Door jam repair (wrap-around hardware) $150.00 and up
Door panic device (crash bar)

Door repair (wood)
$150.00 and up
Door, exterior
Door, fire
$75.00 $829.00
Door, hardware (lever & closer)

Door, interior

Door, lockset

Dresser $473.00
Egress plan holder $75.00 $143.00
Emergency light
End table $216.00
Excessive outside litter pick-up $100 per bag
Exit sign
Extra cleaning $100.00
Failure to complete RICC (arrival/departure)


Fire alarm response $100.00
Fire extinguisher, recharge $75.00 $132.00
Fire extinguisher, replace $75.00 $181.00
Floor lamp $87.00
Floor, carpet

Floor, tile


Game table $525.00
Lamp shade

Light globe/lens


Love seat $624.00
Mattress $145.00
Metal louver (custom size) $250.00 and up
Metal louver (standard size) $100.00 and up
Mirror $101.00
Mirrors, rest room and full length $120.00
Missing/damaged drawer (dresser, desk, wardrobe) $100.00
Open security screen

Paper towel dispenser $139.00
Recycling barrel $109.00
Recycling bin $50.00
Recycling wastebasket $36.00
Repaint, cupboards or cabinets $100.00 min
Repaint, room (>100 sq. ft.) $270.00
Repaint, room (<100 sq. ft.) $240.00
Repaint, room (one wall) $100.00
Repaint, room (two walls) $150.00
Repaint, room (three walls) $200.00
Room cleaning charge

Room signage


Shampoo carpet $100 per room min
Shower curtain $41.00
Shower head $77.00
Sink, lavatory

Smoke detector
$75.00 $398.00
Soap dispenser $45.00
Sofa $826.00
Special/Custom table repair $150.00 and up
Student room furniture relocation $50.00 each
Switch or receptacle

Tampering with/defeating life safety device $250.00 Min 1 hr labor charge
Tampering with thermostat and/or heat valve $75.00 Plus labor
Thermostat (replacement)
Toilet paper dispenser $89.00
Toilet seat $63.00
Toilet, water closet

Towel bar $53.00
Traverse rod $90.00
Vacuum $250.00
Wall damage, large (9 sq. ft and above)

Wall damage, medium (36 sq. in. but < 9 sq. ft.)

Wall damage, small (<36 sq in.)

White board (18" x 24") $107.00
Window blind $50.00 min
Window blind rail mechanism $100.00  min
Window pane, (each)

Window shade $72.00
Windows (half unit)

Windows (unit)


1 Fines are charged for items that are related to life safety issues.

Residence Hall Damage Categories and Descriptions (definitions of some common building fixtures and materials)
All Life Safety hardware and electrical devices are UL approved and meet all National Life Safety Code requirements.

Wall damage, large - All repairs larger than 9 square feet. The repair would include sheetrock work, taping, compounding, sanding, priming and painting.

Wall damage, medium - Damage larger than 36 square feet in diameter but less than 9 square feet. The repair would include sheetrock work, taping, compounding, sanding, priming and painting.

Wall damage, small - Deep gouges, cracks and small penetrations roughly 36 square feet or less in diameter. The repair may include sheetrock work, taping, compounding, sanding, priming and painting.

Facilities Management oversees cleaning of residential common areas that are for the use and enjoyment of all students. These areas include lounges, kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, entryways, stairwells, laundry rooms and College grounds. Because these areas are for the use and enjoyment of all students, it is important that everyone dispose of their regular trash and clean up liquid spills properly and promptly. Students holding social events must clean up no later than noon the following day. Failure to clean up by the deadline will result in the entire complex/residence being billed a mininimum $100 per room clean up fee.  Students are asked to care for common area furnishings, and to keep these furnishings in good condition for future use. These furnishings are not to be removed from their set location. Common kitchen areas should be cleaned up after each use. Personal items should not be left in common areas. In addition to the interior responsibilities, apartment residents are responsible for the grounds in and around their unit. Litter and furniture left outside are unsightly to neighbors, and can cause damage that will be charged to the student(s) assigned to the unit unless a specific person assumes responsibility. We strive to be and remain good neighbors in the Brunswick community.

Bowdoin College is committed to increasing its recycling efforts and appreciates your help in separating your recyclables in preparation for transport to the recycling center. Recycling and trash containers are located in the basement of each residence hall. Trash left in hallways not only pose a health concern but constitute a fire code violation involving egress issues. Students should keep the trash/recycling area as neat and clean as possible to alleviate issues with pests. Students living in College apartments are required to take all of their trash to the dumpster located in the apartment parking area and to place recyclables out once a week for recycling pick-up. The Coordinator for a Sustainable Bowdoin will notify residents of their designated recycle pick-up day at the beginning of the academic year. For more information about the sustainability program at Bowdoin, please visit http:/

Students requiring a room key must come to Facilities Management to sign for the key. Keys must be returned to Facilities Management at the end of the academic year, or when the key is no longer needed. If a key is not returned, is lost, stolen or needs to be replaced, the student will be charged $50 for a regular key and $100 for a submaster key. Please report lost or stolen keys to Facilities Management so that steps can be taken to issue a replacement key. For information regarding broken or lost ID cards contact Residential Life.