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Work Order Frequently Asked Questions

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1.  What is a work order?  A work order is a service request to correct a facilities related problem, operational issue or to perform a minor upgrade or enhancement.  Some examples are:

  • Facilities related problem - roof leak, plumbing leak, running/clogged toilet, no water, no power, doors/locks, lighting failure, broken window, too hot, too cold
  • Operations issue - dirty common areas, unusual odors, snow/ice removal
  • Upgrade/enhancement - install shelving, hang a picture, move furniture, install a wipe board

2.  What are Bowdoin's facilities?  All buildings (including faculty housing) interiors, exteriors, systems, infrastructure and grounds.

3.  How do I submit a work order?  To request services from Facilities Management, please submit a work order to our Work Order Controller.  This can be done by calling extension 3333, submitting a request online, or by sending an email to the Work Order Controller.

4.  Who can submit a work order?  Any Bowdoin College employee or student can submit a work order.

5.  What are your hours?  Our office is staffed weekdays from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm.

6.  What about inquiries?  Inquiries should be made to the Work Order Controller at extension 3333; Jeff Tuttle, Associate Director extension 3071; or Ted Stam, Director extension 4282.

7.  What about emergencies?  Facilities related emergencies, i.e. roof leaks, overflowing toilets, life safety situations should be phoned in to extension 3333.  The Work Order Controller will respond or you will receive prompts after hours directing you to the Security Communications Center which is staffed 24/365.  The Communications Center may also be reached for any emergency by dialing extension 3314 directly.

8.  What types of work orders will Facilities Management respond to?  We will respond to facilities related issues, operational issues, or upgrades/enhancements in the following areas:  Housekeeping, Grounds, Snow Removal, Trash Removal/Recycling, Set-ups, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Plumbing, Fire Protection, Carpentry, Structural, Roofing, Painting, Doors/Locks, Electrical, Lighting, Environmental Health and Safety.

9.  What types of work orders will Facilities Management not respond to?  We do not respond to Information Technology, Communications, Security, or related issues.  Work orders or other requests in these areas should be referred directly to the applicable department.

10.  How quickly will my request be handled?  That depends on the priority, type of work order, and resource availability.  The Work Order Controller assigns priorities based on the type of request.  Upgrades/enhancements are the lowest priority.

11.  Can I just stop or call/email a facilities staff member I know and get them to take care of a problem?  We strongly recommend submitting all work orders through the Work Order Controller.  In this way they will be properly dispatched and tracked.

12.  Will I be charged for the work order?  You will not be charged for preventative or corrective maintenance of a facility.  You will be charged for set-ups or upgrades/enhancements.  Rates depend on labor used and cost of materials.

13.  What about student damages?  Please refer to the student handbook.