On-line Warehouse

Can we temporarily store items at the warehouse?

 No, we currently have no general storage.

How long will the items at the on-line warehouse remain available?

Items will be available until May of each year and then the items that have not been reallocated will be given to Goodwill.

What items will you take?

We will take good condition general office style furnishings such as desks, chairs, file cabinets, tables, etc.

What items will you not take?

We will not take items that have no useful life to the online warehouse, but we will arrange for disposal. We will not take office accessories like file folders, staplers, or those types of small items. We will not take very large or specialized furniture or equipment. We can help with disposal of those items but you will have to pay for any disposal or moving charges.

Will my department be charged for moving available items to or from the warehouse? 

No, there will be no charge for this service.

I see that there are a set of eight chairs but I only need two?  Is that ok?   

Yes, you may take only what you need.

How often will the website be updated?   

We will attempt to update the website once a week.