2017 Summer Campus Construction

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Building Name

Project Description 

Project Manager


80 Boody-Johnson House Upgrade barn seminar room emergency egress and fire separation Ben Jamo 798-4379
80 Boody-Johnson House Repair front trim/south porch and paint driveway Mike Taylor 725-3448
77 Brunswick Apartments Repair/Replace heating system underground piping Charles Blier 725-3345
77 Brunswick Apartments Underground sewer pipe repairs (48 units) Jim Diemer 798-4225
77 Brunswick Apartments Renovate 8 units Dave Shanks 735-3262
77 Brunswick Apartments Boiler room - replace roof and add drip edge Mike Taylor 725-3448
86 Burnett House Improve fire escape Ben Jamo 798-4379
86 Burnett House Replace front entry door and northeast corner flat roof Mike Taylor 725-3448
70 Burton Little House Paint exterior and window replacement Mike Taylor 725-3448
70 Burton-Little House Repair lawn railing Mike Veilleux 725-3857
5 Chapel (Banister Hall) Replace/Upgrade electrical panels and wiring Jamie Mango 725-3450
5 Chapel (Banister Hall) Paint exterior windows and trim Mike Taylor 725-3448
74 Children's Center Repair young toddler kitchen counter and sink Ben Jamo 798-4379
74 Children's Center Miscellaneous maintenance/upgrades and repair exterior siding/trim and miscellaneous painting Mike Veilleux 725-3857
18 8 Cleaveland Street Replace windows and paint trim Joe Anderson 798-4208
20 10 Cleaveland Street Paint windows and trim Mike Taylor 725-3448
21 12 Cleaveland Street Install exit signs and emergency lighting Ben Jamo 798-4379
8 Coleman Hall Replace/Repair damaged and heaved walkway Phil Labbe 721-5170
67 Coles Tower Replace domestic water pumps and 1st floor ventilation reheat coils Tim French 725-3457
67 Coles Tower Renovate floors 13 - 15 and update 16 floor classrooms Dave Shanks 725-3262
60 30 College Street Install doors in Great Room Ben Jamo 798-4379
45 Cram Alumni House Replace driveway pavement Phil Labbe 721-5170
31 Druckenmiller Hall Refurbish greenhouse evaporative coolers; Replace gas domestic hot water heaters; Install cooling for IT server room Tim French 725-3457
31 Druckenmiller Hall Replace 4 fan motors Jamie Mango 725-3450
31 Druckenmiller Hall Set up lab for faculty member/Plan the replacement of building supply air Mike Veilleux 725-3857
92 Edwards Arts Building Install chiller cover/screen Tim French 725-3457
55 Farley Field House Seal and maintain skylights and repair bleachers Mike Taylor 725-3448
55 Farley Field House Retrofit flat metal roof and and relocate throwing net Mike Veilleux 725-3857
44 79 Federal Street Roof repairs Mike Taylor 725-3448
46 85 Federal Street Overlay entrance drive to parking lot Phil Labbe 721-5170
46 85 Federal Street Repair/Replace east back deck Mike Taylor 725-3448
11 Gibson Hall Replace 2nd floor roof access doors Mike Taylor 725-3448
10 H & L Library Replace Special Collections humidifier Tim French 725-3457
10 H & L Library Replace 8 VFD's for AHU's return and supply fans and replace/upgrade main electrical panels Jamie Magno 725-3450
10 H & L Library Construct 1st fl academic technology/learning space; Renovate 3rd fl offices; Update Nixon Lounge furniture Dave Shanks 725-3262
10 H & L Library Repair underground leak near southeast corner-roof to building Mike Taylor 725-3448
33 Heating Plant Inspect masonry stack; Install fall protection; CoGen turbine generator annual maintenance; Replace main condensate tank Charles Blier 725-3345
33 Heating Plant Renovate bathroom and replace sewer piping from bathroom to exterior Ben Jamo 798-4379
33 Heating Plant Paint exterior windows and trim Mike Taylor 725-3448
84 Helmreich House Reconstruct exterior fire escape Ben Jamo 798-4379
87 Howell House Replace fence at driveway entrance Mike Taylor 725-3448
9 Hubbard Hall Replace/Repair east walkway Phil Labbe 721-5170
7 Hyde Hall Paint exterior trim Mike Taylor 725-3448
66 Jewett Hall Replace heating system air handler and ductwork Tim French 725-3457
66 Jewett Hall Repair east side brick walkway Phil Labbe 721-5170
62 Ladd House Replace 2nd and 3rd floor shower floor Ben Jamo 798-4379
62 Ladd House Miscellaneous living room improvements Dave Shanks 725-3262
62 Ladd House Repoint/Repair masonry work Mike Taylor 725-3448
62 Ladd House Install emergency recall unit on hydraulic passenger elevator Jeff Tuttle 725-3071
1 Massachusetts Hall Replace carpet in entry/stairwells/landings; Paint, replace carpet and install blackboard in McKeen Study Ben Jamo 798-4379
1 Massachusetts Hall Repair metal chimney flashing Mike Taylor 725-3448
78 Mayflower Apartments Replace exterior lights at courtyard entrances; Install emergency lights at fire escapes Jamie Magno 725-3450
78 Mayflower Apartments Paint exterior and repair trim Mike Taylor 725-3448
15 Memorial Hall Replace curtain in room 601 Ben Jamo 798-4379
15 Memorial Hall Repair exterior masonry steps at Theater main entrance Mike Taylor 725-3448
15 Memorial Hall Improve front entry exterior stair lighting; Upgrade heat and resolve cold infiltration in freight elevator Mike Veilleux 725-3857
34 Morrell Gym Upgrade lighting controls to sensor Jamie Magno 725-3450
34 Morrell Gym Increase bathroom capacity in women's basketball locker room Mike Veilleux 725-3857
42 Moulton Union Replace boiler burner with full modulating burner Charles Blier 725-3345
42 Moulton Union Repair/Replace damaged dish room flooring Ben Jamo 798-4379
42 Moulton Union Annual table and chair replacement and maintenance allowance Dave Shanks 725-3262
42 Moulton Union Lower level window sills and trim replacement - south and east side Mike Taylor 725-3448
42 Moulton Union Redesign receiving and loading area Mike Veilleux 725-3857
85 Mustard House Replace roof Joe Anderson 798-4208
56 Pickard Field House Install fire alarm; Install fire separation boundary between Pickard Field House and the pool area Ben Jamo 798-4379
47 Pine Street Apartments Renovations in units A through F Ben Jamo 798-4379
82 Quinby House Repair/Repave portion of circular drive Phil Labbe 721-5170
79 Reed House Repair back patio Phil Labbe 721-5170
22 Riley House Exterior paint/miscellaneous improvements Ben Jamo 798-4379
69 Russwurm House Reconstruct all masonry chimneys Mike Taylor 725-3448
36 Sargent Gym Restore large lower windows Mike Veilleux 725-3857
14 Searles Science Building Convert room 316 into faculty offices Dave Shanks 725-3262
14 Searles Science Building Annual exterior masonry maintenance Mike Veilleux 725-3857
29 Sills Hall Remove north stairwell grating and replace w/hand rail; Window well grating structural improvements Ben Jamo 798-4379
29 Sills Hall Limited renovation of former Language Media Center to Physics Lab Dave Shanks 725-3262
74 4 South Street Replace shingle roof Mike Taylor 725-3448
90 Stowe House Barn Replace shingle roof Mike Taylor 725-3448
90 Stowe House Dorm Update stairwell fire rating Jim Diemer 798-4225
90 Stowe House Dorm Repair concrete block columns on former connector to Stowe House Ben Jamo 798-4379
90 Stowe House Dorm Convert exterior apartment doors and laundry room to on-line card access Mike Taylor 725-3448
40 Studzinski Recital Hall Add bike racks Phil Labbe 721-5170
40 Studzinski Recital Hall Improve exterior main egress stair lighting Mike Veilleux 725-3857
68 Thorne Dining Hall Construct cold room storage on loading dock Jim Diemer 798-4225
68 Thorne Dining Hall Install a floor sink in the Salad room Ben Jamo 798-4379
68 Thorne Dining Hall Replace/Repair dining room chairs and tables Dave Shanks 725-3262
68 Thorne Dining Hall Refinish dining room hardwood floor Mike Taylor 725-3448
88 85 Union Street IT and Call Center construction - 3rd fl Dave Shanks 725-3262
13 Visual Arts Center Install new LED stage lighting Jamie Mango 725-3450
13 Visual Arts Center Convert entry doors to on-line card access Mike Taylor 725-3448
12 Walker Art Building Repair exterior masonry parapet wall Mike Taylor 725-3448
57 Watson Ice Arena Install 4 baby changing stations (2 in Watson and 2 in Farley); Modify shower area for improved privacy Ben Jamo 798-4379
74 West Hall Replace domestic hot water storage tank Tim French 725-3457
48 Whittier Field Install new field, track, press box and bleachers Don Borkowski 725-3947
N/A Campus Roof and skylights safety tie offs Lisa Coombs 725-3763
N/A Campus North Campus Tunnel - replace steam and condensate piping; Maintain steam vaults piping Charles Blier 725-3345
N/A Campus Install CO detection in various locations; CO detection and fire panel implementation Jim Diemer 798-4225
N/A Campus Test fire dampers per NFPA 5 year requirement Tim French 725-3457
N/A Campus Install attachment points for all house/dorm cookout grills; Construct/Install new organic garden hose Ben Jamo 798-4379
N/A Campus Replace walkway on southeast side of Chapel; Repair miscellaneous pavers and walkways Phil Labbe 721-5170
N/A Campus Install a 200A electrical service near Walker Art Building for Quad functions (from Hubbard) Jamie Magno 725-3450
N/A Campus Relamp main quad with LED bulbs; Install additional exterior lighting (Edwards Arts Center path) Jamie Magno 725-3450
N/A Campus Bleacher inspections/repairs; Miscellaneous roof inspections; Fire escapes inspections Mike Taylor 725-3448
N/A Campus Electrical Arch Flash study; Install additional exterior lighting (Quad/Hyde Hall/Russwurm House) Mike Veilleux 725-3857
N/A Coastal Studies - Lab Replace pump house ball valves Tim French 725-3457
N/A Coastal Studies - Lab Repair trim and paint; Stain exterior walls; Replace existing roof with metal roof John Simoneau 725-3979
N/A Coastal Studies - Docks Repair railings on pier John Simoneau 725-3979
N/A 74 Harpswell Avenue Replace roof Joe Anderson 798-4208
N/A Kent Island Building envelope and miscellaneous maintenance Don Borkowski 725-3947
N/A 32 Longfellow Avenue Paint interior, refinish wood floors and replace carpet Joe Anderson 798-4208
N/A 271 Maine Street Replace windows and paint trim Joe Anderson 798-4208
N/A Pickard Fileds Add protective netting to softball dugouts Ben Jamo 798-4379
N/A Pickard Fields Resurface exterior tennis courts and replace court fence Phil Labbe 721-5170