Capital Projects

Boiler Replacement and Cogeneration Project

End Date:

This combined heat and power project utilized excess steam energy to generate electricity for campus consumption, offsetting electricity currently purchased from the grid. The project consisted of replacing two aging and inefficient oil-fired steam boilers with a new high-efficiency low-emissions, dual-fuel (natural gas and #2 oil) 60,000 PPH boiler during the summer of 2010 and the installation of a backpressure steam turbine generator during 2011 to create both heat (steam) and electric power (600kW) for the campus. Benefits of this project include:

  • Reducing annual campus kWh consumption from the grid by nearly 10% (1.749 million kWh)
  • Reducing annual greenhouse gas emissions by more than 18% of the College’s 2008 net emissions (2,400 tons CO2e avoided)
  • Improving energy efficiency (now 80%+ versus 48% previously) and reducing overall annual campus BTU consumption by 6% (6,250 dTH) 

Awards:  2015 - ENERGY STAR® Combined Heat and Power Award

Engineer: RMF Engineering - Baltimore, MD

Contractor: H. P. Cummings - Winthrop, M