Fall 2009 and Spring 2010 Courses

Fall 2009

GER 151  (Fall 2008)
The Literary Imagination and the Holocaus
Steve Cerf (in English).

GER 317. German Literature and Culture since 1945.
Matthew Miller. (in German)*

Gov 324 
Post-Communist Pathways
Laura Henry

GWS 218 (Fall 2009)
Sex and Socialism.
Kristen Ghodsee

Music 273c
VPA. Chorus (Rachmaninoff Vespers).
Anthony Antolini

RUS 220c
IP. Nineteenth-Century Russian Literature (In English)
Raymond Miller

RUS 221c
IP, VPA. Soviet Worker Bees, Revolution, and Red Love in Russian Film (same as Gender and Women’s Studies 220)
Jane Knox-Voina

Spring 2010

29c First Year Seminar.
Historians, Comediennes, Storytellers: Women Filmmakers in the German-Speaking Countries
Birgit  Tautz*

RUS 224c
Dostoevsky or Tolstoy (same as Gender and Women’s Studies 217) (In English)

RUS 251c
IP, VPA. Russia’s “Others”: Siberia and Central Asia through Film and Literature (same as Gender and Women’s Studies 243) (in English)

RUS 310c
Modern Russian Literature (in Russian, may be offered as  Independent Studies)