Changing Environments, Changing Societies

Schedule and Presentations

Saturday, October 24 

Cristle Collins-Judd, Dean for Academic Affairs
Phil Camill, Rusack Associate Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies, Director, Environmental Studies Program, Bowdoin College


Anne Henshaw, PhD. Program Officer, The Oak Foundation. "What Can We Learn From the Past: Adaptation in an Historical Context"

Climate Change and Biodiversity - Case Studies in Africa and Northeastern United States.The impact of climate on biodiversity and the implications for societies and communities reliant on diverse ecosystems for their livelihoods will be explored.  What adaptation strategies are available in response to changes in biodiversity and what are the implication for indigenous communities associated with and dependent upon the changing natural systems? What connections are there between local coastal communities and forest based communities in northeastern United States with local communities facing similar changes in other parts of the world, such as Sub Saharan Africa?  What is the role of conservation organizations in supporting and assisting communities with these changes? 

10:20 Break

Climate Change and Food Production Systems - Case Studies in the Micronesia and Sub Sahara. How are local communities within the developing world, such as areas of Sub Sahara Africa adapting and what is the role of international NGOs in providing aid and technical assistance in terms of climate adaptation? 

Freshwater Systems - Implications for Power Development and Adaptation China and the United States Compared. The changing role of water within natural systems and social systems will be explored as part of this theme. For areas of Asia, water is playing an increasing role in supplying power in the form of hydroelectric plants.  What role will large scale hydroelectric plants play in the overall strategy for climate adaptation and what are the implications for communities dependent upon the water supplied?

Lunch 12:00 - 1:15 (Provided) - Dagget Lounge, Thorne Hall

Kate Dempsey, Senior Policy Advisor, The Nature Conservancy "The Politics of Climate Adaptation: A National and International Perspective"

Panel: Climate Change Adaptation - Northeastern United States

Open Discussion - "Key Issues in Climate Adaptation- Connecting Global to the Local"
Moderator:  Phil Camill, Bowdoin College

  • Lessons learned from global and local initiatives
  • New directions