Honors Projects

Lu Miao '17, Water Funds as an Effective Conservation Tool to China's Nonpoint Source Pollution Problem: Lessons Based on Latin American Case Studies

Elizabeth Brown '15, The effects of land use change on riparian environment, water quality, and society along the Kimana-Kikarangot River, Kenya

Bridget McCoy '15, The price of carbon : politics and equity of carbon taxes in the middle income countries of Mexico and South Africa

Erica Berry '14, Into the den: my search for the West

Jonathan Held '14, Toward Collaboration on the Androscoggin River: evolving norms in environmental governance

Alexander Tougas '14, Gateway to the Forest City? Portland, Maine's Bayside neighborhood, 1866-2014

Walter Wuthmann, '14, Roadkill: the battle to start- and stop- Maine's east-west highway

Charles Cubeta '13, Planning the motor city: the influence of the Big Three on Detroit's urban landcape

Eliza Warren-Shriner '13, Food hubs: acting locally, producing regionally and thinking collaboratively in Vermont and Maine

Andrew Cushing '12, "A degeneracy of the old New England stock" : northern New England's poor farms in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries

Anne Sneed '12, Battered Alewives and the long climb to recovery

Leah Wang '12, Addressing barriers to entry into farmer's markets faced by the low income : SNAP programs in Maine farmer's markets

Katy Shaw '11, What Makes an Electric Utility Good? Economic Motivations for Clean Electricity Deployment in American States

Henry Berghoff '11, Recovery of the Kennebec River Estuary: an Ecological and Ethical Review

Jeffrey Bishop Bush '10, Impacts of Pasture and Organic Crop Land use Practices on Soil Carbon Storage in Mid-Coast Maine

Nathan Eliott '09, Environmental correlates of seedling recruitment on Kent Island (New Brunswick, Canada) and resulting management implications

Jacqueline Li '09, Accounting for Rainforest, Carbon, & Livelihoods: The Challenges to Reducing Emissions from Deforestation in Developing Countries

Bennett Haynes '08, Cultivating Alternatives: A Thai Fair Trade Rice Farmers' Movement and Transnational Network

John Masland '08, Conceptualizing the Precautionary Principle: The Case for a New Model of Environmental Decision Making Under Conditions of Uncertainty

Whitney Hogan '07, Cultivating Mayaness: Social Conflict and Political Struggles over Land Tenure in Southern Belize

Luke McKay '07, No Man's Garden: The Changing Nature of the Wilderness Idea in Maine

Rose Teng '07, Preserving "the Way Life Should Be": Controlling Sprawl in Southern Maine

Vanessa Wishard '07, Rethinking the Western Range: The Case for Public Grazing Land Reform

Drew Fulton '06, Everglades Imagery: Intimate Detail of a Vast Landscape

Adrienne Heflich '05, The Greenway Movement in Context

Sue Kim '05, Winds of Change: A Prospectus on Reconciling Environmental and Economic Priorities in China's Electricity Sector

Deborah Schaeffer '05, Restoring Access to Small Boats through Area Management: A Path to Sustainability in the Gulf of Maine Ground-fishery

Nancy Van Dyke '05, The Potential for Compost-based Disease Control within the National Organic Program: A Closer Look at Potato-Fungal Pathogen Systems on Maine Farms

Grace Ha Cho '05, Saving the Waterfront, Saving a Way of Life: The Battle over Portland's Waterfront, 1850-1992 [History]

Ryan Davis '04, NO COMMON GROUND: Management, Politics, and Compromise in the Gulf of Maine (A Documentary)

Alison Ashley Rau '04, Public Values on Private Lands: Conservation Easements in Maine and Wildlife Conservation Leases in Kenya

Sarah Beth Liponoga '03, Managing Oil and Nature in Eden: Transculuration and Resistance among the Huaorani of Eastern Ecuador

Michelle Weaver '03, Carbon Credits and Carbon Guilt: Terrestrial Sinks as a case study of the United States' Moral Responsibility for Climate Change

Trevor Peterson '01, Effects of Snowshoe hare (Lepus americanus) browsing and recruitment of conifers on Kent Island, NB

Alice Liddell '99, The Wells, Maine Experiment: A Promising Approach to Superfund

Payton Deeks '99, Learning Landscapes: An Environmental History of Bowdoin's Coastal Studies Center, Orr's Island, Maine

Nicholas Livesay '98, Ozone Transport in the Northeast: Problems and Policies

Mary Wicklund '98, Impact of Land Use and Geology on Water Quality and Hydrologic Response of Two Watersheds in Brunswick, Maine (A joint ES/Geology project

Nicole Robillard '97, Mobilizing Global Public Opinion: Greenpeace's Campaign Against French Nuclear Testing in the South Pacific

Caroline Good '97, Reactive Management Practices in Regulating Human Interactions with Marine Mammals: Problems and Issues

Jennifer Champagne '96, An Environmental Analysis of Fishing Activities in Block Island Sound, Rhode Island: A Study of the Geology of the Continental Shelf, Side-Scan Sonar Interpretations, Fisheries Data, and the Impacts of Trawling and Dredging on Benthic Environments

Cornelia Holden '96, Maine's Penobscot and the Atlantic Salmon's Struggle: A Photodocumentary

Lindsey Oswald '96, The Birth of the Bomb: An Analysis of Nuclear Testing at the Nevada Test Site

Ethan Winter '96, Atlantic Salmon Restoration and Hydropower Development: A Study of Historical and Current Conflicts in the Penobscot River Basin

Laura Armstrong '95, An Historical Biological Survey of Land Trust Properties Located in Brunswick, Maine, Using Image Analysis and Aerial Photographs

Luis Oliver Dorta Fernandez '95, A Spatial Analysis and Comparison of Mixed-Use Streets in Three Urban Centers

Laurel Matey '95, The Green Revolution: The Deepening Criticism

Alexandra Walsh '95, Towards a New Approach to Managing the New England Groundfish Fishery: Lessons from the Past, and a Proposal for the Future

Luciana Castro '94, Maritime Management in the North Sea: A Development in Regional International Organizations

Emily Hanson '93, Devising a Management Strategy: A Case Study of the New England Groundfishery

Mary Lanphear '93, Concentration and Historical Analysis of Butyltin Species in Coastal Maine Sediments

Catherine Sperry '93, An Environmental Explorations Sourcebook: A Project in Educational Inquiry and Curriculum Design

Lebauer '92, Dimensional Analysis of Three Small Maine Towns: A Manual for Determining What Makes a Town "Nice"

Shannon Smith '92, Crisis in the North Woods: A Case Study in Citizen Participation

Rachael Webber '92, Effects of Precipitation on Nitrogen and Fecal Coliform Bacteria Fluxes in Three Geologically Different Watersheds

Carter '91, A Contingent Valuation of Open Space on Merrymeeting Bay in Dresden, Maine

Christopher Cheney '91, A Transfer of Development Rights Program for the Royal River Watershed

John Fay '91, Nutrient Flux through the Maquoit Bay Watershed

John Devine '91,The Libertarian-Communitarian Debate and its Impacts on Global Environmental Issues

Laurel Dodge '91, The Cultural Evolution of a Disposable Society

John McClelland '91, The Effects of Environmental Quality on Fisheries Regulation

Nicole Mahar '91, Seasonal Cycles of Acid-Volatile-Sulfide and the Depth of the RPD Layer in Maquoit Bay (Maine) as They Relate to the Growth and Survival of the Benthic Community