Additional Opportunities

The Fellowship and Scholarship page provides an updated listing of major sources of undergraduate and graduate funding in environmental fields.

Bowdoin College Stipended Internship Program. (Career Planning Center).  

Bowdoin students are eligible for a range of fellowships that provide funding for internships, many of which are directly applicable to the environmental field. Many ES majors have received funding for internships through these programs.

  • David Projects for Peace (deadline is January 29, 2014 at noon): Summer volunteer and public service outside of US
  • Preston Public Interest Career Fund - funds students to work with organizations serving the needs of underserved of disadvantaged
  • Nikauradse-Matthews Summer Public Interest Fellowship - funds students to work for organizations that serve the needs of underpriviliged
  • The Thomas McKinley Entrepreneur Grant Fund - funds students to pursue entrepreneurial or community service projects of students' design
  • Robert S. Goodfriend Summer Internship Fund - funds students to work with businesses
  • Richard B. '62 and Sabra Ladd Government Internship - funds students to work in US federal government or a national public policy institute
  • The Anwarul Quadir Fellowship - supports an internship at a business in Bangladesh
  • Bowdoin College Alumni Council Internship Fund - funds students to work in a career field of their choice
  • Strong/Gault Social Advancement Internship Grant - funds students to work for nonprofit, federal and local agencies serving economically underdeveloped areas 

External Environmental Fellowships

Scholarships (Undergraduate & Graduate)