Environmental Fellowships

The Environmental Studies program offers four fellowships that place ES majors (and prospective majors) in stipended summer internships.

Environmental Fellowships (Maine Based) provides students the opportunity to work and serve in the local community through a placement in a specific Maine organization to address community issues while strengthening campus-community partnerships. Students apply to work at one of several organizations selected as host organizations.

Environmental Fellowships (Sustainability and Environmental Justice) place students in a fellowship site of their choice such as a business, government agency, or a non-profit organization to explore themes of sustainability and environmental justice. These can be also based in Maine, or at another location nationally or internationally.

The Cooke Environmental Research Fellowship funds students to conduct community-based research with a faculty mentor at Bowdoin or at an off-campus location.

The National Audubon Fellowship funds students to work with its Seabird Restoration Program which operates island field stations along the Maine Coast as critical seabird nesting sanctuaries. Students participate in research, monitoring and management.

Questions? Please contact the ES Program Manager, Eileen Johnson at 207-798-7157 or via email at ejohnson@bowdoin.edu