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Climate change and Arctic landscapes: Understanding modern and future changes using lessons from the past

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June 29, 2015 7:00 PM  – 9:00 PM
Visual Arts Center, Beam Classroom

The winds of change are sweeping across Arctic landscapes. 

Warming is occurring at a rapid rate, landscapes are thawing, and ecosystems are poised for dramatic change.  Given the vast area of the Arctic, changes to the biosphere have the potential to influence the atmosphere, thereby altering the rate and magnitude of global climate change.  To understand how modern and future impacts might unfold, a team of scientists-- Zicheng Yu, Lehigh University, David Beilman, the University of Hawaii, and Phil Camill, Bowdoin College have recently examined how soil carbon storage and emissions might respond to warming.

Using historical archives in peat records from across the Arctic, this
team is looking back in time 12,000 years for clues to how past climate change might improve understanding of changes in the modern world.

This research has been supported by funding from the National Science Foundation. This event is co-sponsored at Bowdoin by the Peary-MacMillian Arctic Museum, the Earth and Oceanographic Science Department and the Environmental Studies Program.

Image: Churchill Manitoba, Summer of 2012

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