Sustainability and Environmental Justice Fellowships

Application deadline: All materials should be submitted by email to Eileen Johnson ( by noon on Monday, March 1. 

The Psi Upsilon Sustainability and Environmental Justices Fellowships provide students with the opportunity to explore the topic of sustainability or environmental justice by working directly with a business, at the government level or through a nonprofit organization.  The Environmental Studies Program will award one Sustainability and one Environmental Justice Fellowship in the summer of 2010. 

Sustainability Fellowship: The Psi Upsilon Sustainability Fellowship provides students with the opportunity to explore the topic of sustainability by working directly with an organization, agency or company that is focusing on the transition to a more sustainable society.  Examples of projects that students might engage in as part of this fellowship include green design, calculating metrics of sustainability, or developing systems for conversion to alternative energy systems.  The students should select an organization that is working at the cutting edge of sustainability.  Placements could be with a community that is actively implementing a climate action plan, a business engaged in green design, a nonprofit organization that is implementing weatherization or community energy systems, or a state agency that is developing alternative transportation systems.

 Environmental Justice Fellowship.  The Psi Upsilon Environmental Justice Fellowship provides students with the opportunity to explore the intersection of the environment with race, class and gender by working with a nonprofit organization or agency that is working creatively with stakeholders in these areas.  Examples of topics that students might address include green housing, green jobs, or urban environmental education programs.  Placements could be with an organization or agency that is engaged in one of the following areas:  managing an environmental education programs in an urban area, raising awareness of urban agricultural systems, developing green, affordable housing, or addressing the role of green jobs as an approach to workforce development.

Students who are considering applying to the program are strongly encouraged to set up a meeting with Eileen Johnson, Program Manager, Environmental Studies Program.  109 Adams Hall, 798-7157,

Award amounts are based upon the employers' ability to provide a partial renumeration, with combined total not to exceed $4,000.  Award amounts are considered taxable scholarships and must be declared by the recipients when filing their tax forms.  Students will be responsible for travel and other living expenses, which may be negotiated directly with the sponsoring organization. 

Eligibility:  Current first-years, sophomores and juniors; graduating seniors are not eligible.  Preference given to rising juniors and seniors and Environmental Studies majors.


  • Hours: All fellowship programs required a minimum of 350 hours and a maximum of 400 hours of work during the summer break.  This can be full-time 35 hours/week for 10 weeks or part time, 22 hours/week for 16 weeks or any combination in between as long as the total hours worked is between 350 and 400 hours.  No fellowship may exceed 40 hours per week
  • Sponsoring organization.  All programs require submission of information on the organization with which you have requested your fellowship placement, a detailed description of your responsibilities, and the name and title of your summer supervisor. 
  • Reporting requirements.  A learning agreement and mid-summer evaluation to be completed by the award recipient and the supervisor at the sponsoring organization will be required to be mailed to the ES Program no later than July 9, 2010.  Award recipients are required to submit a final report no later than September 3, 2010.
  • Presentation.  The recipient will make a presentation to the ES Committee no later than October 15, 2010.  The recipient will help with promotion of the fellowship to prospective student applicants.

Selection Process

Applicants must secure a commitment from the sponsoring organization prior to receiving notice of funding.  The applicants should be clear in this expectation when discussing the fellowship with the sponsoring organization.  Awards will be announced by March 12.

Application Requirements: Please submit an original packet consisting of the following: attached completed application form; a current resume; unofficial transcript (obtainable from Bearings); a personal statement (on a separate sheet of paper - no more than one page) describing the organization, your internship responsibilities and how this internship fits in with your personal career goals; the names of two references, one of which should be a faculty member; and a brief letter from the employer outlining preliminary internship responsibilities and the organization's willingness to participate in this program.