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Changing Tides: Perspectives on Sea Level Rise

Story posted November 06, 2013

Event date(s): December 01, 2010 — December 01, 2010

An interdisciplinary panel to consider both the local and global impacts of sea level rise. Government Professor Allen Springer, geologist Peter Slovinsky of Catalysis Adaptation Partners, and EOS major Cam Adams, '14, will present, highlighting the ways that different governments deal with the issues presented by sea level rise, and what steps are being taken in the Northeast and in Midcoast Maine to combat this problem.

Professor Allen Springer teaches courses at Bowdoin in the fields of international law and organization, introductory and advanced international relations, North Atlantic relations, environmental policy and American foreign policy. He is the author of The International Law of Pollution: Protecting the Global Environment in a World of Sovereign States, and a contributor to Integration and Disintegration in East AfricaThe International Handbook of Pollution Control, International Environmental Diplomacy: The Management and Resolution of Transfrontier Environmental Problems, The United States and Europe in the 1990s, and Environmental Protection and International Law. He is presently completing a study of regional ocean management in the Gulf of Maine and is working on a book on the development of international environmental law.

Peter Slovinksy is a marine geologist for the Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry in the Maine Geological Survey. He is an expert in assessing impacts of coastal erosion, sea level rise, storm surge, and the vulnerability of both the built and natural environments to various coastal hazards.  Pete also has extensive experience with using Geographic Information Systems, and was involved in the initial development of the COAST tool.  He has over fifteen years of experience in the coastal geology field, and serves as a marine geologist with the firm Catalysis Adaptation Partners, where he has worked extensively with coastal communities on preparing, assessing, visualizing vulnerability to coastal hazards, developing viable local and regional adaptation strategies, and bridging the gap between technical science and different stakeholder groups. He holds a BA in Geosciences from Franklin and Marshall College, and an MS in Geological Sciences from the University of South Carolina.

Cam Adams is a senior Earth and Oceanographic Sciences major. In the fall of 2012, he became interested in the issues presented by sea level rise when working on a GIS project on coastal resilience in midcoast Maine. He is conducting an honors project that focuses on the response of northern peatlands to climate change.