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English and Theater

Requirements for an Interdisciplinary Major

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English/Theater – Interdisciplinary Major requirements:

English/Theater – Interdisciplinary Major requirements:

  1. An English first-year seminar or introductory course (English 1100–1999).
  2. One introductory theater course (Theater 1100–1999), preferably Theater 1201.
  3. Three theater courses from the following:  Theater 1101-1203; 1302; 2201-2402; 2501-2502
  4. One course from English 2150-2151  (same as Theater 2810-2811).
  5. One course in modern drama, either English 2452 (same as Gender and Women's Studies 2262 and Theater 2846), English 2654 (same as Africana Studies 2630), or the equivalent in another department.
  6. One advanced course in theater (Theater 3000–3999), and one advanced English seminar (English 3000–3999).
  7. One elective in English and one elective in theater or dance at the intermediate level (numbered 2000–2999).

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A student completing an interdisciplinary major in English and Theater may not also declare a minor in either English or Theater, nor a major in English. A student may, however, also complete a minor in Dance, so long as courses are not "double-dipped" to create the minor.

Angels in America
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