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English and Theater

Requirements for an Interdisciplinary Major

Angels in America

English/Theater – Interdisciplinary Major requirements:

  1. An English first-year seminar or 100-level course.
  2. One 100-level theater course, preferably Theater 120.
  3. Three theater courses from the following: 101, 130, 145, 150, 201, 220, 225, 240, 260, or 270.
  4. One course from English 210, 211, or 212; one course from English 223 or 230, or an equivalent upper-level course in dramatic literature before 1800 in another department.
  5. One course in modern drama, either English 246, or an equivalent upper-level course in another department.
  6. One 300-level course in theater, and one 300-level English seminar.
  7. One elective in English and one elective in theater or dance at the 200 level or higher.



A student completing an interdisciplinary major in English and Theater may not also declare a minor in either English or Theater, nor a major in English. A student may, however, also complete a minor in Dance, so long as courses are not "double-dipped" to create the minor.

Angels in America
Angels in America Performance at Bowdoin College