Information for Post-Graduates

Bowdoin Teacher Scholars will be contacted via email by the Registrar's Office prior to the official start of spring registration, generally in early November. You will be instructed to register for ED 3303: Student Teaching Practicum, and ED 3304: Bowdoin Teacher Scholars Seminar. Questions regarding registration can be directed to Julie Bedard, Associate Registrar. 

Dates and Supervisor: 
The practicum will begin on the first day of school in January (this occasionally varies depending on the school in which Scholars are placed) and continue for 14 weeks.

Bowdoin Teacher Scholars follows the public school calendar, not the Bowdoin calendar.  Therefore, you will have a week off in February and April, but you will not have Bowdoin's spring break in March.

Be sure to print out the District calendar of your placement school right away in order to anticipate professional development, vacation and other dates of note. You should also find out where to get information about weather cancellations. 

You must have proof fo health insurance and sign a waiver, or register with Bowdoin's plan. Contact Cathy Hayes to request a waiver or registration materials at or (207)798-4284. She will be sending you a mailing in early December with all the details. 

Meal Place: 
Contact Tricia Gipson, Dining Services Business Manager, if you'd like to use Bowdoin's meal plan. The cost is about $3000/semester for all meals. Depending on your choice of meal plan, you may be able to make arrangements to pick up a bag breakfast and lunch (usually at dinner the night before) to bring with you to school. Most post-graduate students choose to make their own meals. 

Services on Campus: 
As an enrolled student, you will have access to the Bowdoin Library, printing services, Blackboard, email, OneCard, Polaris, Fitness Center, Counseling, etc. during the spring. Because post-graduates are not provided with housing, you will not have any access to residential spaces. Post-graduates will use their old ID card, or need to purchase another one from OneCard for $15. 

Housing and Transportation: 
Housing is not provided for post-graduate Bowdoin Teacher Scholars. You are responsible for your own reliable transportation through a Maine winter. 

Loan Deferment/Health Insurance documentation: 
Your health insurance provider or loan agency may require you to submit proof of your intention to be fully enrolled at Bowdoin in order to defer loan payments or remain on an insurance plan. To get this documentation, please complete the Enrollment Verification Request form at The Registrar will send out a letter that you are expected to be enrolled for Spring 2018. This is sufficient in almost all cases. The Registrar's Office will not allow you to request an "official" enrollment letter until late January when spring semester officially opens. At that time, you will officially enroll and may request another letter if needed. 


  • Tuition for ED 3303 and 3304 will be waived. You will still need to pay for your books (less than $50 anticipated) and any other associated costs. 
  • Loan Reimbursement: If you qualified for, and received, student aid as an undergraduate at Bowdoin, you may be eligible to receive loan reimbursement. Laura Sweet will send individuals a follow-up email with specific information about loan reimbursements. 
  • Stipend: All post-graduate Bowdoin Teacher Scholars are eligible to receive a stipend to help off-set program expenses. Program expenses include Praxis testing fees, fingerprinting fees, gas/mileage, state certification application, etc.
  • FAFSA forms: If you would like to apply for a Stafford Loan to help cover room and board expenses, you will need to complete and submit a FAFSA form. Otherwise, you do not (because you will not be charged any tuition.) Any Stafford loans taken during the spring are not eligible for loan reimbursement.

Once you know your placement, you are encouraged to communicate/visit your cooperating teacher to begin forming relationships with the teacher and school for the spring. You may ask for student lists, curriculum, course materials, information that is used, etc. While your first official day isn't until early, January, there is a lot you can do to ease your transition before then.

Professional Dress:
You will need to dress professionally five days a week - this will mean different things in different schools. In general, you should be prepared with professionally appropriate clothing and shoes in good repair. 

Substitute Teaching: 
You may choose to register as a substitute teacher in your district. We encourage you to do so in order to be compensated for any days that your cooperating teacher needs to be out. Contact your District Office for specific details about sub registration, as it varies widely from district to district. A few districts require you to "give" up to three days to cover professional development for your cooperating teacher, but should always be compensated for personal/sick days that you cover.