Financial Information

The Bowdoin Teacher Scholars program is generously supported by the College as well as the endowed Snow Family Fund. The Snow Family Fund was established to help make it financially more feasible for Bowdoin graduates to pursue careers in public education. 

Undergraduate Pathway:
A students who qualifies for student aid as an undergraduate may qualify for a stipend to help off-set their campus earnings expectation for the semester in which they are student teaching. Upon successful completion of Bowdoin Teacher Scholars, undergraduates may also be eligible to receive loan forgiveness. Amounts are determined on a yearly basis. 

Post-graduate Pathway:
Tuition for ED 3303 (practicum) and ED 3304 (seminar) will be waived for post-graduate Bowdoin Teacher Scholars.  Additionally, post-graduates are eligible to receive a living stipend to help off-set costs associated with the program, which might include required fingerprinting, testing, and certification application fees, as well as housing and transportation costs. The stipend is generally given in two installments – half at the start of the practicum, and the remainder at the successful completion of the program.  

Post-graduates who received student aid as undergraduates and successfully complete the program may be eligible for forgiveness of loans taken during their undergraduate experience.  Loan reimbursements are paid directly to recognized purveyors of student loans or loan servicers only – loans will not be reimbursed to parents, students or individuals. 

FAFSA forms: Because post-graduate Bowdoin Teacher Scholars are not charged tuition, there is no need to submit a FAFSA form (unless a Scholar chooses to apply for a Stafford loan to help cover room and board expenses).  Any Stafford loans taken during the semester are not eligible for loan forgiveness.  

Post-graduates who have outstanding loans may apply to defer their loan payments during the time they are student teaching.  Deferment request forms are available through the loan agencies. 

Specific questions regarding finances may be directed to Laura Sweet, Program Placement and Outreach Coordinator (