Will Cogswell '11

Will Cogswell '11From what I remember, the idea of studying education and the even more remote notion of becoming a teacher first entered my mind in my junior year of high school. That idea, and the enjoyment I drew from helping classmates, and even my younger sister, with their work, compelled me to mention education as one of my academic interests upon committing the next four years of my education to Bowdoin. I imagine this is why I was assigned Chuck Dorn as my pre-major academic advisor, and this is why I can happily say that the Education Department here has had their hooks in me (in the best possible way) since my first few days as a Bowdoin student.

I will admit that both Education classes that I have taken at Bowdoin, Contemporary American Education with Doris Santoro and Education and Citizenship in America with Chuck Dorn, have been equally as frustrating as they have been inspirational, a balance that I think we see with any examination of education systems, no matter what country or time period. However, that frustration may stem from the department's insistence on grappling with the toughest issues facing American education today and providing us, the students, with the tools and information to begin tackling these problems.

Over the second half of my Bowdoin career, I'm hoping to work even more closely with the wonderful people in the Education Department as I complete a minor in Teaching with an aim towards earning my Teachers' Certification and teaching English in a high school. I will also be spending a semester abroad in Chile, studying the effects of the education system on disparate social groups and how the education system in that nation has brought about broader changes in Chilean society.