Paul Colin Landsberg '10

Paul Colin Landsberg '10My interest in teaching developed from two very different areas.  I have had a side interest in education that emerged from discussions with my mom, who currently works for the Los Angeles Unified School District as the Director of the School Information branch.  Over meals, we would discuss issues she was dealing with at the district.  These conversations sparked my interest in broad scale education policy.  I also developed an interest in teaching specifically through my outdoor excursions.  I have participated in many trips offered by groups such as my high school's Environmental Outdoor Education Department, the National Outdoor Leadership School, the Bowdoin Outing Club and the High Mountain Institute.  I feel it was natural for me to move from the student position to the instructor position, and I believe that learning how to teach will improve the quality of my leadership and also open many opportunities in the outdoor education field.  I also have a strong belief in the ability of education to change a student's life, so I hope to teach sometime after college.  I have found that the professors in the Education Department have taught at many levels, and they know how to teach incredibly effectively by crafting a strong curriculum and having engaging activities and lectures in every class.