Michael Bartha '09

Michael Bartha '09I have wanted to teach ever since I was in the second grade and I always knew that college would be the way that I would accomplish my dream.  I am excited to get my teaching certification as soon as possible.  From the age of fifteen on, I have found summer employment at Camp Emerald Bay in California, first as an instructor and now as a director.  Through this experience I truly fell in love with teaching.  I absolutely love seeing the difference that I make in kids lives when I arm them with knowledge that they can use for the rest of their lives.  I know it sounds a bit lofty, but it is truly remarkable. While the Education Department may be small, it offers powerful and insightful classes with great professors who can really change how you look at not only the educational system and schooling, but the world in general.  Overall, the instruction is phenomenal--my best professors have come from this department.