Mary Helen Miller '09

Mary Helen Miller '09My name is Mary Helen Miller and I am an Education Studies Minor. My first experience with the Education Department was in Education 101, Contemporary American Education.  It was nothing like I anticipated. I entered the class expecting to acquire some knowledge about how the American education system functions, but I left the class with huge philosophical questions and a new scrutiny of my own education.  I was not expecting to become as passionate about the class material as I did. Through the Education Department, I've begun to understand the crucial role of education in a just and democratic society. Furthermore, I feel equipped to have informed discussions about both contemporary issues and age-old dilemmas in education.

In my Education and Social Justice class, each student worked on designing a social justice project throughout the semester. Each week, we met in small groups outside class to discuss readings and receive feedback on our projects.  It was really neat to watch classmates' projects develop over time, and the questions we posed for each other were extraordinarily helpful.

Whether or not I end up taking on teaching as a profession, studying education has lit a fire in me that will always affect my concerns and perceptions. I feel confident participating in important dialogues about education, and I hope to be an activist in my little corner of the world.