Lindsey Thompson '10

Lindsey Thompson '10My name is Lindsey Thompson and I am a Math major pursuing a minor in Teaching. My freshman fall, I stumbled into Education 101 on a whim and found myself immersed in a debate that I had never known existed. I left class that December full of questions I had never considered before, but that had suddenly become crucial to my Bowdoin experience. I also couldn’t believe I had survived twelve years of public schooling without ever thinking about or questioning the institution itself. Through my following four courses in the department, I have scratched the surface of many of the debates surrounding education in the United States, but I can’t say I have found any answers. I have learned, however, how to effectively engage in discussion with different ideas and methods.

I am not entirely sure where my study of education will lead me. Some days I see myself becoming a teacher and striving to live up to my ridiculously high expectations; other days I dream of opening up a school that somehow manages to conquer the many inevitable problems that will be encountered. Regardless of the direction my life takes, however, my courses in education have forced me to reexamine my experiences and my perspectives more broadly—I have started questioning how and what I learn and recognizing how much of who I am is formed by my educative experiences both in and outside the classroom. This understanding will undoubtedly follow me through life and continue to shape the way I look at and interact with the world around me, and it is this aspect of the study of education that I find most crucial to my Bowdoin experience.