Ian Yaffe '09

Ian Yaffe '09I chose the Teaching Minor because of the options it provides.  I’m still not sure if I will go directly into teaching after graduation but if I do, I want to be prepared.  Passion, dedication, and knowledge are all a part of being a good teacher.  That being said, good intentions don’t always provide for good outcomes.  I’ve seen this first-hand in the Fire Department where I volunteer.  Going to the Fire Academy is not going to automatically make me a good firefighter, but it sure helps me avoid costly mistakes.  Teacher training is the same thing.  Most importantly, the reason I’ve chosen the Teaching Minor is the quality of the Education Department and its classes.  I’ve never seen a single department with such a dynamic, challenging, and passionate group of teachers.  Their effectiveness speaks to the importance of teacher training.

Whether or not I end up being a teacher, I want to connect my minor with whatever I end up doing after school.  The thing I love most right now is being out on the water, so hopefully I can find a way of doing both things or even combining them.  That being said, I’m committed to public education and working to make it better.  Getting my foot in the door as a teacher seems like a good place to start.