Georgia M. Nowers '12

Throughout various work and community service experiences I have worked with kids and always absolutely loved it. I find absolute joy in watching them grow and learn and just be silly. But only once I started to study Education, its depth and its complexities did I seriously consider going into the field as a career.

I started out thinking I was more interested in policy – Education 101 (Contemporary American Education) solidified my plans to do something Education related. But my Education 203 (Educating All Students) class experience and placement in Portland really hit home. I’ve been hooked ever since. Working in a grade two class was fascinating – watching kids socialize, acclimatize, learn how to learn. It was so interesting and, almost more importantly, so much fun. This experience struck my interest in Elementary Education, which has completely shifted my academic path to focus on Education and Educational Psychology.

Georgia M. Nowers '12

This past March (2010), I traveled to Charleston, South Carolina on an ASB trip. This got me thinking a lot more about disadvantaged communities and what challenges these students bring to school each day. This, too, further ensured my plans to take up teaching as a career.

One thing I’ve always loved about my Education classes is that everything you study and learn always relates to experience. Everyone has been to school and so everyone has their own valuable experience to share with others in the study of Education.

When you start taking more practical Education classes it begins to relate to even more – learning style, raising children, success in school. I’ve been able to take so much from my classes and use it to better understand both others, to help myself academically and to more positively interact with students as a teacher and myself.

I think one of the most important parts about studying Education is realizing the impact and importance it has in your community. It helps you think about your local community, the National Education system and Education around the world. It fosters a sense of responsibility that we, as students, citizens, future parents and future leaders have in supporting children in order for the continued success of our generation and later ones.

As of right now, I hope to go into Elementary Education, possibly Special Education, but I change my mind almost daily. I’m banking on my upcoming Education classes to help me with that decision.