Chanwoong Baek '12

Chanwoong Baek '12As a first-year from South Korea, I was in the interesting position of being 
in a new learning environment and studying it simultaneously. Because of 
this, my perspective on education was very open and different. My views were 
not limited by systemic frames. By examining the American education, I had a 
clearer idea of what the true function of education is globally. However, it 
was also interesting to see how the real purpose of education can be altered 
by how we present information. It is not only a problem of individual 
learning but is influenced by an array of issues from poverty, to diversity, 
to culture. I decided to minor in teaching so that I can explore more deeply 
the relationship between the function of education and its application.

As someone who has benefited from the advantages of education, I wish to 
share my knowledge with as many people as possible. I love to meet new 
people and exchange thoughts. People learn throughout their lives, and I 
want to be a person who inspires others to explore academically and 
socially. I wish to take the encouragement I received from the Bowdoin 
Education Department, and pass it on.