Teaching Minor

2 education students

The Education Department approaches teaching and teacher education as intellectual, moral, and political endeavors.  The department's goal is to prepare teachers who have a life-long engagement with learning, who teach all students effectively and with dignity, and who will be indispensable colleagues and future leaders in schools.

The Teaching minor is appropriate for students who are committed to teaching in some capacity following graduation from Bowdoin.  Students pursuing a Teaching minor begin a gradual and sequential preparation for professional practice in introductory courses where they engage in participant teaching.  Responsibility for planning, implementing, and evaluating lessons continues throughout intermediate and advanced courses, increasing in frequency and length as students gain more professional knowledge and experience. 

The four courses that comprise the Teaching minor are:

  • Education 1101 - Contemporary American Education
  • Education 2203 - Educating All Students
  • Education 3301 - Teaching
  • Education 3302 - Curriculum