Co-curricular and Summer Opportunities

Students pursuing a career in mathematics education are highly encouraged to complement their coursework with hands-on instructional experiences.

  • Academic year opportunities at Bowdoin College include tutoring within the Mathematics Department or Quantitative Reasoning Program and leading study groups for lower-level science and mathematics courses. Contact Sue Theberge in the Mathematics Department or Eric Gaze at the Quantitative Reasoning Program for more information.
  • There are many opportunities to mentor students at local schools. For more information, contact Laura Sweet ( in the Education Department.
  • Teaching mathematics in a summer program for secondary school students is an excellent way to gain practical teaching experience. Depending on the program, you will have the opportunity to work with students of varying abilities, from those who are academically under-prepared to the truly gifted mathematics student. For more information, contact Sarah Chingos. Advanced students of mathematics may contact Jennifer Taback in the Mathematics Department for further opportunities.

The Mathematics and Education Departments sponsor periodic evening programs focused on a variety of topics of interest to future mathematics teachers. If you are considering teaching as a career, please join us! To be included on the mailing list for these events, please contact Thomas Pietraho in the Mathematics Department .