Independent Study & Honors

Economics encourages majors to consider independent research projects as part of their major program. Each year the most promising independent studies are considered for departmental honors. Please see the Curriculum and Requirements Section for specific requirements and procedures.

Honors Projects in Economics

Anderson, John L.,
"Modelling and testing consumer engagement in the U.S. organic food market"
Chisholm, Cameron,
"The effects of social networks on wellbeing of Chinese rural-to-urban migrants"
Danforth, William B., "Credits, comparative advantage, and cross-border trade: quantifying compliance costs in the PJM solar renawable energy credit market"
Richmond, Jordan W., "Giving on the margin: the power of donor recognition"
Sperber, David E., "How do restrictions on hepatitis C drug access differ between traditional and managed Medicare plans?"
Zmozynski, Kevin S., "Carry trade and portfolio optimization"

Gawarkiewicz, Thomas, "The relationship between political tensions, trade, and capital flows in ASEAN Plus Three"
Swords, Colin, "Entrepreneurship and the effects of wealth and risk aversion"

Sung, Jimin, "Applied behavioral economics: nudging student food consumption"

Centanni, Rebecca, "With Whom Do Women Spend Their Time? An Empirical Analysis of Time Allocation on the Intensity of Home Production"
Durgin, Joseph, "The Role of Competition and Patient Travel in Hospital Profits: Why Health Insurers Should Subsidize Patient Travel"
Kwasny, Sara, "The Causes and Consequences of Insider Trading Institutions"
Lewis, Jeremiah,
"The Social Economics of Breaking Bread: Dining at Bowdoin College"

Bezreh, Matthew,
"Working Financial Capitalists into the Marxian Class Framework"
Cowin, Matthew, "Is there an Economic Reason for Billionaires to Buy Sports Franchises?"
Cui, Zhenghao,
"Food for Thought: Do Countries Benefit from Adopting Genetically Modified Crops? A Welfare Analysis Using GTAP"
Morrill, Curtis,
"Wind Power in Maine: Quantifying Economic and Environmental Trade-offs"

Berdahl, Charles,
"Flower of Paradise or Devil's Tree: The Determinants and Effects of Qat Production in Yemen"
Masland, Duncan,
"Assessing the Green Paradox: Alternative Energy Development and Oil Extraction"

Jacob, William R., "Changes in recipiency rates of the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program: does increased funding better target or assist vulnerable households?"
Lee, Jeongmin Jenny, "Why is junior moving out alone?: an empirical study of the U.S. single-person household, 1969-1993"
Richards, Sarah A., "The development of women's economic rights in 19th century America: legislative influences and economic impacts"

Abrams, Archibald K.,
"What are the effects of co-pays on patients' health: an applied micro-economic analysis of patients with hypertension"
Falkof, David I.,
"An impact analysis of health insurance: the causal effects of health insurance on health outcomes in modern China"

Caras, Scott C.,
"Business Cycles: An Analysis of Leading Economic Indices"
Choi, Soon Hyeok,
"Intrahousehold distribution: 3-stage noncooperative bargaining with two threats"
Twombly, Kerry A.,
"The Impact of Deflation and Disinflation on Growth: An Empirical Analysis"

Carlson, Stephen B.
"Capital Market Development in Antebellum Maine: A Quantitative Analysis   of Balanced Equity Market Growth"
Dhilla, Arif Hakim,
"Do You Really Need Three C-Span and Four Shopping Networks?  A Study of Bundling in the Cable Television Industry"
Hight, Samuel J.,
"Hedge Funds, Systemic Risk and Credit Derivatives: An Overview and a Model on How Credit Default Swaps May Increase Systematic Risk in the Financial System"
Mullis, Jody Brent,
"An Analysis of Russian-OPEC Crude Oil Competition"
Plant, Suzanne K.,
"Development Denied: The Effects of Developed Countries' Subsidies on West African Cotton Farmers"
Wieler, Matthew E.,
"Determinants of Welfare Participation: 1992-2003"
Xie, Chengsi,
"The Sustainability of China's Investment Rate"

Bradford, Elizabeth H.,
"What factors motivate offshoring?: using trade models to evaluate cultures impact"
Roseman, Matthew,
"Welcome to Hollywood!: a study in the profit-generating mechanisms of a multi-billion dollar industry where 'nobody knows anything'"

Alepin, Phillippe S.,
"The National Hockey League Lockout: A Model for Inefficient Labor Negotiations"
Doore, Michael P.,
"The Viability of Maine's Forest Products Industry"
Kelsey, Gregory A.,
"Muddy Children, Temporary Deafness, and the 10,000th Digit of √2: Modeling Knowledge"
Partridge, Mara J.,
"Theories of Voluntary Environment Over--Compliance: Can Firms Profit by Protecting the Environment?"
Schmitz, Roger W.,
"Assessing the Viability of Economic Solutions to Urban Water Scarcity in Developing Countries"
Walker, Whitney, J.,
"The Impact of Financial Aid on Savings: An Empirical Analysis of Single Parent Families"

Blanchette, Brittany,
"Aboriginal Art Sells"
Chiewcharnpipat, Somboon,
"Extreme Value Theory and Value-at-Risk"
Eichleay, Peter,
"Optimal Route Network in the Airline Industry: An Economic Analysis"
Hayes, Douglas F.,
"Competing Supply Chains: Explaining the Automotive Parts Retail Industry"
Penfield, Heather,
"The Economics of Dance: Copyright and Ownership of Choreography"
Sullivan, Kathryn K.,
"Vertical Product Differentiation to Deter Luxury Goods Counterfeiting"

Toommongkol, Worawan,
"Higher Education in Developing Countries: Should a Country Provide Open and Elite Public Universities?"
Tolmie, Courtney, E.,
"The Balance of Political and Strategic Trade Factors in US Trade Policy Determination"
Rubenstein, Jamie,
"A Model of the Environmental Kuznets Curve Based on the Dynamics of Quality and Quantity of Consumption Goods"
Pat, Siopo,
"Disentangling Fertility Demand from the Constraint in Urban China: Implications for China's Population Control Policy"
Magenheim, Matthew, and Park, Kevin U.,
"Two Essays on Earnings: Investors' Perception of Their Importance and the Accuracy of Analysts' Estimates"
Bair, Edward Hamilton,
"Hedonic Estimation of the Impact of HOPE VI on Neighborhood Property Values"
Flack, Dan,
"Standard Oil and the Potential for Price Predation"

Simonetti, Jill A.,
"A Comparative Study of Development Patterns in Three Coastal Communities: Barnstable County, MA; Cumberland County, ME; Currituck and Dare Counties, NC."
Alepin, Dominique C.,
"Piracy and the Demand for Digital Music."

Leary, Megan,
"The Forces Inducing Firm Location in Southern Maine: A Location Study of High-Tech Manufacturers in York and Cumberland Counties."
Pletcher, Erick V.,
"An Economic Analysis of Internet-Based Firms in E-Commerce."

Okma, Jayme Lynn,
"Beyond Europe '92: The Effects of Decreased Trade Costs and Market Integration on the European Auto Industry."
Capozzi, Timothy Vincent, "Social Security Privatization and Economic Growth."

Norberg, Samuel Schieffelin,
"The Evolution of Post-Secondary Education: A Genetic Algorithm Model and Computational Results."

Shields, John Jordan, "The Role of Tax Exemptions in the Nonprofit Sector."
Misra, Palash Vinod,
"Zermel's Algorithm, The Importance of Social Context."

Fitzgerald, Timothy W., "A Proposal for Federal Land Divestiture: Increasing Efficiency without Compromising the Environment."

Marolda, Matthew Daniel A., "The Use of Modern Corporate Valuation Techniques for the Appraisal of Professional Sports Franchises."

Aberbach, Joel Edward, "Returns to Quality of Schooling."
Kaine, Michael Edward, Jr.,
"The Difference Stationary -- Trend Stationary Debate and New Classical Business Cycle Theory."
Sorensen, Joshua Augustus,
"Economic news and the Foreign Currency Market."