Bowdoin Economics Prizes

Paul H. Douglas Prize:

This prize, awarded by the Department of Economics each spring in honor of Paul H. Douglas '13, a respected labor economist and United States Senator, recognizes a junior who shows outstanding promise in scholarship in economics. (1999)
Biography of Paul Douglas by John Keohane »

2015 Recipients: William Danforth, Kevin Zmozynski
2014 Recipients: Noorissa Khoja, Christian Sleeper, Kathleen Smith
2013 Recipients: Alexander Daniels, Nicholas Cast, Brendan McDermott, Thao Nguyen
2012 Recipients: Joseph Durgin, Nathan Meyers, Benjamin Ziomek
2011 Recipients: Richard Nerland, Benjamin Stein, Alisha Turak
2010 Recipients: Youle Kang, Katherine Ransohoff
2009 Recipients: Tyler Anderson, Matthew Carpenter, Claire Leblanc,
Sarah Richards
2008 Recipients: Archibald Abrams, Crosby Cook, Sarah Landrum,
Kerry Persen, Kelsey Read
2007 Recipient: Fei Tan
2006 Recipient: Jonathan Crowley, Samuel Hight, Curtis Isacke,
Brandon Malloy, Aaron McCullough, Chengsi Xie
2005 Recipients: Travis Arnold, Ekaterina Bezborodko
2004 Recipients: Eric Bakkensen, Roger Schmitz
2003 Recipients: Stephan Seabrook, Timothy Mathien, Kathryn Sullivan
2002 Recipients: Matthew Magenheim, Travis Patten
2001 Recipients: Ningning Yang, Erik Paulson
2000 Recipients: Nicole Ann Carpentier, Emily Catherine Repp
1999 Recipients: Christopher Sims, Shuli Ren, Carolyn Sage

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Noyes Political Economy Prize:

This prize, established by Crosby Stuart Noyes, A.M. H1887, is awarded to the best scholar in political economy. (1897)

2015 Recipients: Thomas Gawarkiewicz, Colin Swords
2014 Recipients: Alexander Daniels, Brendan McDermott, Thao Nguyen
2013 Recipients: Rebecca Centanni, Joseph Durgin
2012 Recipients: Zhenghao Cui, Curtis Morrill
2011 Recipients: Charles Berdahl, Duncan Masland
2010 Recipients: Amir Abdullah, Palmer Higgins, Yong Mei, Sarah Richards
2009 Recipients: Archibald Abrams, Steve Choi, Crosby Cook,
David Falkoff, Kerry Persen
2008 Recipients: Scott Caras, Fei Tan, Kerry Twombly
2007 Recipients: Stephen Carlson, Arif Dhilla, Samuel Hight, Suzanne Plant
2006 Recipients: Elizabeth Bradford, Matthew Regele
2005 Recipients: Michael Doore, Greg Kelsey, Roger Schmitz
2004 Recipients: Stephan Seabrook, Kathryn Sullivan
2003 Recipients: Dan Flack, Matthew Magenheim
2002 Recipients: Ningning Yang, Steven Robert Rulison
2001 Recipients: Nicole A. Carpentier, Megan E. Leary, Zhe Fan, Emily C. Repp
2000 Recipients: Timothy Capozzi, Jayme Okma, Shuli Ren, Carolyn Sages

A. Myrick Freeman Prize:

This prize, awarded by the Department of Economics each spring in honor of
A. Myrick Freeman, leading environmental economist and Bowdoin faculty member from 1965-2000, recognizes senior majors who have demonstrated exceptional performance in their economics coursework. (2011)

2015 Recipients: Michael Croteau, Christian Sleeper, Kathleen Smith, Emma Young
2014 Recipients: Lee Abecunas, Charlotte Beach, Nicholas Cast
2013 Recipients: Nathan Meyers, Benjamin Richmond, Asher Stamell, Benjamin Ziomek
2012 Recipients: Richard Nerland, Benjamin Stein, Alisha Turak
2011 Recipients: Matthew Delaney, Jake McCampbell, Katharine Ransohoff