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Xun ShiXun Shi, Ph. D.

Associate Professor
Department of Geography
Dartmouth College

My specialty is Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and quantitative spatial analysis, particularly as applied to health-related issues, including environmental health and healthcare service.

Selected Relevant Publications:

Carlos, H.A., Shi, X., Sargent, J., Tanski, S., Berke, E.M., 2010, Density estimation and adaptive bandwidths: A primer for public health practitioners, International Journal of Health Geographics, 9:39 (http://www.ij-healthgeographics.com/content/9/1/39).

Shi, X., 2010, Selection of Bandwidth Type and Adjustment Side in Kernel Density Estimation over Inhomogeneous Backgrounds, International Journal of Geographical Information Science. 24(5): 643-660.

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Shi, X., 2009, A GeoComputational Process for Characterizing the Spatial Pattern of Lung Cancer Incidence in New Hampshire, Annals of the Association of American Geographers. 99(3): 521-533.

Onega, T., Duell, E., Shi, X., Wang, D., Demidenko, E., and Goodman, D., 2008, Geographic Access to Cancer Care in The United States, Cancer, 112(4): 909-918.

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Shi, X., 2007, Evaluating the Uncertainty Caused by P.O.Box Addresses in Environmental Health Studies: A restricted Monte Carlo Approach, International Journal of Geographical Information Science, 21(3): 325-340.