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Barry RosenBarry H. Rosen, Ph. D.

United States Geological Survey
USGS-Office of the Regional Executive-SE Area
12703 Research Parkway
Orlando, FL 32826

I work on the taxonomy and physiology of cyanobacteria, with current emphasis on the Everglades, an oligotrophic environment that supports a variety of species. A select number of species are responsible for the bio-mediated precipitation of calcium carbonate, an important process in the Everglades. I am conducting studies on the survival, community dynamics and the onset of toxin production by cyanobacteria that survive desiccation (from droughts) in these habitats. I also maintain a culture collection of taste & odor and cyanotoxin-producing strains originally from the Metropolitan Water District of California. The cultures are used for collaborative research projects such as understanding the environmental queues of toxin production and standardization protocols for toxin extraction and analyses.

Selected Relevant Publications:

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